Finalslam Game Modes

Final Slam is a flash game that features several game modes to keep you entertained for a longer period of time. This page explains these game modes.
Finalslam Game Modes
Welcome to Finalslam! Interactive, the creation of Josh Tam of , sponsored by Armor Games.
Final Slam features several game modes to keep you entertained for a longer period of time. This page explains these game modes.

:: Campaign Mode ::
The Final Slam campaign mode lets you go through the storyline of the career of Turner, the fighter of an fighting entertainment club called the Tamugaia Fighting Allicance. Playing as Turner, you have to battle your way up. defeating several characters and then winning the Tamugaia Championship, and then defending it from others.

::: Versus Mode ::
Choose a fighter and choose an opponent. Then fight! You can set it to be CPU vs CPU or Player vs CPU or Player vs Player. You can use your own fighters or the ingame fighters.

::: Finalslam Mode ::
Under Finalslam mode, there are 3 other sub modes. You can go fight to win the Final Slam Championship or play out the legendary Newgrounds vs FP feud or the Combat Queens Challenge (All-female Championship).

Tags : flash game, fighting flash game
Posted on 2007-07-08 [Sun] 16:19 with 5234 hits
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