Final Slam 2 - Flash Fighting Game

The official webpage of Final Slam 2, the interactive fighting game by Tamugaia. Create a fighter and fight!
Final Slam 2 - Flash Fighting Game
Final Slam 2
Final Slam 2 is the 2nd installment of the old 2005 fighting Flash game Final Slam. There are 2 versions: Final Slam 2 (lite version) and Final Slam 2 Gold. You can play it here, and scroll down for more info, or share your created Final Slam 2 fighter slamcodes or get other players' creations

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Final Slam 2 Overview

Create a fighter and fight in Final Slam 2, an interactive fighting game by Tamugaia.

Final Slam 2 is a PC fighting game that allows you to create your own fighter and win the Final Slam championships or play through the official Final Slam story in story mode. The game is packed with over 40 in-game fighters, but you can still create your own fighters by customizing his or her attire, moves and stats. You can even adjust the Artificial Intelligence of your fighter! Create yourself. Create your friends. Create your enemies. Create casual guys, ninjas, movie stars, wrestlers, shaolin monks, kung fu fighters, boxers, warriors, robots, game characters and even monsters. Then fight!

The game allows you to create your own fighter by choosing your fighter's attire, moves and stats. In Final Slam 2, there are various special moves and you can even adjust the AI of your fighter!

Features in the game: - story mode
- versus mode
- arcade mode
- final slam 2 season mode
- 3 different championships to win in season mode
- create a fighter : create your own fighters
- tons of body parts/attire for customization
- different styles of fighting moves for customization: Ninjutsu, Karate, Kickboxing, Taichi, Boxing, Kung Fu, Wrestling and more
- different styles of special moves for customization: Kung Fu, Magic, Elemental, Gadgets, Wrestling and more
- different taunts and show-off moves
- Customizable AI for created fighters
- 80 in-game save slots
- plain text slamcodes for fighters that allow external saving/sharing of created fighters
- health effects: the fighters will get weaker, move slower and jump lower as their health decreases
- blood effects
- zoomable arena!

To view more media from the game like images and screenshots and videos, please go to the Final Slam 2 IndieDB page: Indie DB

Genre: Fighting
Graphics: 2D
Platform: Windows
Game Modes: Creator, Story, Arcade, Season, Versus, Simulation
Players: 1 or 2

System Requirements: Final Slam 2 does not need a high-end computer to run smoothly. But of course, the higher the system specs, the smoother the game will run. But below are the minimum system requirements needed to play the game:

OS - Windows (Linux and Mac please see footnote*)
Processor - Intel Celeron 1.6GHz and above
Memory - 512 GB+
Hard Disk Space - 20MB
Video Card - any card with DirectX 9 and above compatible
Sound Card - any card with DirectX 9 compatible
Input - Keyboard, Mouse

Credits: Creator, Artist, Programmer, Designer: Josh Tam
Distributor/Promoter: Anxo Barreiro
Main Music: Matthew Pablo []
Testing: Eric YK, Jess the Dragoon, Mike Weidman, Anxo Barreiro, Floyd Davis II, Josh Tam

* If you have a Mac/Linux and you want to purchase Final Slam 2 Gold, please contact me [josh_tamugaia at yahoo dot com]
** How is Final Slam 2 different compared to other fighting games? Please see Author's Message...

Author's Personal Message

How is Final Slam 2 different from other fighting games? I created Final Slam 2 as a game that can fill in the imagination of players from all around the world. The main objective of the whole game is to enable the creation of tons of different fighters to play with. The second objective is to capture the feeling of a fight when you play the game.

The second objective... I have received feedback saying that the fighting animations are not as smooth as the standard fighting games. I agree. It is because of the low-budgetness of the development. More on that later on. Smooth sprite animation work is not cheap. So I thought to myself. What would I do to make up for it? I see and play lots of 2D fighting games and they are all pretty much giving me the same feeling. Two cartoon or anime or photo-sprite fighters throwing attacks at each other, and we see which fighter's life bar depletes first. That fighter will lose. Repeat. Occasionally there is some blood flying out, some fancy shiny effects, some juggling here and there... It's fun and all. But I wanted Final Slam 2 to have something different since I could not fork out pretty sprite animations. So I concentrated on inciting the thrill of a fight. I do this in 2 ways:

1. Focusing on more realistic fighting moves. I watched countless martial arts videos while animating the fighters so I could get the sprites to deliver moves that feel as closely as they can to real fighting moves and stances, such as Tornado Roundhouse kicks, spin kicks, kung fu stance, karate stance, blocks... and after doing this and testing the game, it felt different from a lot of other cartoonish 2D fighting games. Sure the sprites are very smooth and pretty and awesome and all, but they just don't feel like they are fighters. Maybe some sexy babe or pretty boy posing and throwing slaps. But to me Final Slam 2 feels more like something you would see in an action movie where fighting, brawling or martial arts are involved.
2. Adding damage effects. While a lot of pretty fighting games play real smoothly, I added damage effects that a lot of fighting game engines do not have. Examples are: when the fighter's health is depleted, he moves more slowly and jumps lower and appears weakened. And when a fighter takes enough punishment, s/he starts to bleed a lot. These features make the gameplay portray the feel of a fight. When you beat your opponent up, you feel that you REALLY beat him up and he is weak and all bloody!

You see, there are numerous fighting games out there. Some are fighting games because the gameplay pits 2 characters to fight against each other. But some games are REAL fighting games, as you will feel that the characters behave like fighters. Final Slam 2's aim is the latter.

The first objective... Some may look at the game and say that it lacks good graphics. Well, a lot of developers of fighting games that look great and have great fighter sprites/models, customly make/draw their fighter characters one-by-one. And of course, in the end, the game sprites look splendid. Magnificent. Since Final Slam 2 is 2D, I could have designed around 12 characters and draw the animation sprites one-by-one, or hired some artists to do it, thus making them look very detailed and flashy. And it could turn out as something that can make you say WOW!! But then at the end of the day, no matter how good it is, it would just be another fighting game, wouldn't it? A player would finish playing the story mode, and go to Arcade or Season mode and select one of the 12 characters to fight against the other 11. And this goes on until they are bored and then... they play some other game. Or, the players would just say, "So what... why don't I just play Tekken or Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter? Why even bother with this?".

And so, I decided to go travel the other path. Which was to concentrate on making the game itself more and more diverse. That meant that I had to sacrifice on graphical and animation presentation in order to enable the fighter creator feature. Sure enough, the fighters look flatter, a bit shabby, not so cool. But with that sacrifice, I got something in return. Something unique that almost all all other fighting games out there DO NOT have. Which is diversity:

1. A player that is fed up with Story Mode, or has beaten the game, can go to Creator mode and create a fighter. And by creating a fighter, he is not just loading an ingame character and changing clothes or colors. He can create a fighter from scratch, using a whole list of customizable parts, moves and AI settings. He can create and save up to 80 custom fighters in the game (Gold Version). And if that is still not enough, he can save the fighter slamcodes in text format anywhere on his computer. By doing this, he can create and save an unlimited number of fighters!
2. The player who has created fighters can share them online on their facebook pages, skype, email, or anywhere possible, since the exported slamcodes are all in text format! And the other way round is possible. He can grab slamcodes created by other players and input them into the game to see what fighters his friends created, and how strong they are when tested in a fight.
3. Heading over to the Arcade and Final Slam Season mode. These modes, especially the Season mode, lets you have the thrill of climbing up the rankings in a competition. There are win/loss records to track your performance and once you rank high up, you can challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship. Now if another fighting game were to have this, and they did not have a fighter creator, the player would have to choose one of the ingame fighters and then fight the rest of the fighters. Pretty soon, they might get pretty bored facing the same fighters over and over. But in Final Slam 2, not only can you fight with your own created fighter but you can also fight the other ones you have created in your list of created fighters. That's not all! You can even fight fighters that you have never seen before. That's right. Final Slam 2 can generate an unlimited number of different fighters with a vast variety of skills and attributes to challenge you to battle. And when you finally win the World title, the feeling will be really great.

Of course you could argue that I could do a fighter creator with more presentable graphics. Yes, it is possible, with the availability of a bigger budget of course, to either help me drag development time further or hire artists/animators, and a bigger budget I do not have access to. Yeah, I am just a one-person developer team without much cash. The budget used for the whole game development is about only a quarter of the cost of the sprite animation job of Skullgirls. So with whatever I had, I had to decide. Presentation or value? In the end, I did not choose presentation. Making the game look very good would make it a(nother) good-looking fighting game. I chose value by adding diversity, giving the player (and the game software itself) the power to create. And that made the game look not-so-pretty, but also unique, very fun in its own way and one-and-only in the world. For those who glance at it and think it doesn't look too good, I understand. But I have no regrets at all!

Anyway, I thank you for taking interest in Final Slam 2 and I wish you the best in life!

~ Josh Tam
Creator of Final Slam and Final Slam 2
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Final Slam 2 Videos

You can take a look at the promo videos below: (You may need to skip/close some ads)

Final Slam 2 Updates

This page will be updated from time to time...

2014-06-04: Final Slam 2 Gold, version 2.1, is coming out and will be released to Steam. 2.1 updates include: Enhanced Sprites, Graphics Quality Control, improved Jump Animation and dodging sfx

2014-02-17: Final Slam 2 Tournament ended! View the results here: Final Slam 2 Tournament Page

2013-12-19: Silver Version is released. You can download and play it at the Final Slam 2 IndieDB page! Indie DB

2013-12-12: Finished the Silver version of the game.

2013-12-07: Looking into Mac release. Final Slam 2 lite version production started.

2013-11-29: Near the launch date. Added in lots of blood effects. Now the fighters have blood stains instead of just bleed. This addition really takes the gameplay experience to the next level, and I myself and surprised at this!

2013-11-18: Final phases of the development are underway. The intro is already done. You can view from the Final Slam 2 facebook page.

2013-10-29: Preview version removed. The game development is near completion.

2013-09-16: Promo video released.

2013-09-12: Promo video coming soon...

More Updates on the Final Slam 2 Facebook Page

Ways to help Final Slam 2

Whether or not you are a Final Slam 2 buyer, you can help contribute to Final Slam 2!

You can rate Final Slam 2 on Desura:
Click Here. You can do it by clicking the bar on the right side. You will need a Desura account, but signing up is very simple and fast!

It will help a lot by Voting on Steam:
Click Here. Click the Thumbs Up Yes button. You will need an account too!
Final Slam 2 has been Greenlit on Steam. Many thanks to all who voted for the game! :-)

And you can also share this page on Facebook/Twitter/other social media:
Share on Facebook
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Share on Stumbleupon

Thank you!

Lastly, whatever help you offer, be it a final slam fighter config or social media sharing, I thank you in advance. Also, thanks to all of you who are interested and are following Final Slam 2!

Final Slam 2 Moveslist

Wanna get the full list of combo keys to perform special moves? Here they are! f=front, d=down, b=back. So if it says df punch, it means press down, front, punch.

df punch, bf kick, dfd punch

White Ninjin
bf punch, bb punch, dd punch

Lee Su Long
bdf punch, bf kick, ff kick

bf kick, bdf kick, fdb kick

Kumiko Shiba
df punch, bdb kick, df kick

Dylan punch
dd punch, ff punch, bdf punch

df punch, bb punch, ff punch

Chris Knoran
ff punch, bbd kick, bdf punch

Sylvie Acquaye
fff punch, dff punch

bf punch, ff punch, df punch

Emano Emasa
df punch, fbf punch, fbf kick

Wu Shi
bff punch, bf kick, ddf punch

fff punch, df punch, bbf punch

Rei Mizuri
df kick, bf kick, bbf kick

bf punch, bf kick, bdb punch

William Quake
dd punch, ff punch

Denver Sloane
ff punch, ff kick, fdf punch

dbf punch, fb kick, bbb punch

GO Guard
Has no special moves

GO Guard Blue
ddd punch, ff punch

GO Guard Gold
df punch, ff kick

bdf punch, ddd kick, bbd punch

bf kick, fb kick, fff punch

bdb punch, bbf kick, bb punch

Master Wong
df punch, bff kick, ff punch

Jason Glow
bf punch, fb kick, bbb punch

T. Loke
dd punch, fd punch, bdf punch

Ivan Moore
ff punch, bdb kick, fb punch

John Choke
df punch, bb punch, bdf punch

Robin Worm
ff punch, fd punch, bb punch

Ivy Cheong
ddd punch, bf kick, bff punch

The Great Momma
ff punch, bb punch, bdf punch

dbf punch, dbf kick, fff punch

bff kick, bdf kick, ddd kick

df punch, fd punch, bf punch

dff punch, dff kick, fdf punch

bf punch, ff punch, bb punch

Dr. Peon
fdf punch, fb kick

Thesa Laubros
bf punch, bf kick, bdb punch

Godric Z
ff punch, bb punch, bdf punch

Damien Tub
bff punch, df punch, ff punch

Final Slam 2 Secrets

Generate a random fighter slamcode: at the Creator > Edit Slamcode section, hold down ? and press \

Quit and win: At Arcade or Final Slam Season mode, holding down "Q" and clicking "Quit Match - You Will Lose" will let you leave the match as the victor.

Speed Story Mode: You can skip matches in story mode by holding down "Q" and going through the dialogs. You will not be prompted to fight matches anymore.

Final Slam 2 Help (Frequently-Asked Questions)

Q: I keep losing! How do I win?!
A: You must have adjusted the difficulty to medium or hard. You can reset the difficulty to easy in the options.
Or, if you have been focusing on special moves but do not know the key combos and keep on trying, you can refer to the moveslist to learn the specials, and then you can use them. You will get 3X more advantage. You can find the moves list on the official site.
Another way to have more advantage is to defend a lot by being alert and holding back key or down key. Then only attack when you get good chances. Raging in blindly and button bashing will most probably not get you far.

Q: I keep winning!! How can I have more challenge?
A: Try adjusting the difficulty to hard in the options section.

Q: How come it is still so hard at Easy mode?
A: It should not be hard on Easy. If it still is please look into the Tips section and your gameplay should improve. Also, if you are playing Final Slam Season mode, the difficulty depends on the skill level of the fighters!

Q: When in double-player mode, how come I cannot attack/jump/duck/move when my opponent is attacking/jumping/ducking/moving?
A: Ah, it's the keyboard problem. Some keyboards have problems when a lot of keys are pressed. For example, when S and D are pressed, pressing L will not take effect. Or something like that. Different keyboards have different conflicting keys. In that case, just change the keys from the options. From my testing, I found that PS/2 port keyboards fair better in this area. USB keyboards often have this problem.

Q: Bad lagging... Is the game supposed to run on high-end computers?
A: Final Slam 2 was tested on a laptop with 2008 Intel Celeron processor with generic Intel graphics card and could run well.
For the flash version, the lagging maybe caused by the flash plugin on your browser.
Using different browsers, on different computers, different results were seen.
Sometimes, running the game on Firefox caused audio-clipping issues.
It could very well cause the lagging. To solve this problem, try a different browser or get the offline version from Desura
For the executable version, the lagging maybe caused by other problems such as programs/services taking up background CPU/Memory usage.
If your PC is old, try using Low Full Square/Wide display mode (bottom right of screen). Using high may cause more lag.

Q: Projectile disappears?
A: Yes. It has either reached its full range or it got neutralized by opponent's attack (punch, kick...)

Q: Damage for the same move varies. Sometimes it's heavy. Sometimes only a bit. Why?
A: The further you are from your opponent, the lesser the damage.
So, if you hit your opponent with an aura ball at point blank, s/he will suffer a lot of damage.

Q: Projectile/Attack goes through opponent? Seems like I hit him but he did not take the damage?
A: Your opponent must have dodged it, or countered/neutralized it.
For example, if you shoot an auraball and it is close to your opponent, at the same time your opponent punches the auraball, the attack is neutralized.
It is a type of defense.

Q: My fighter moves more and more slowly and jumps very low... Why?
A: Your fighter's movement speed and jump height are related to his/her health points. You must have assigned low points to your fighter's speed and jump stats.

Q: Can I have more explanations about the block/dodge defense system?
A: Sure. This system's concept is that when the opponent is defending, if a move is weak but fast (cheap shot), it will have a very high probability to hit your opponent. On the contrary, if a move is more powerful, the hit probability will be less since it would take more setup time.
Weaker moves are like combo punches, combo kicks, light attacks...
Powerful moves are jumping kicks, hard kicks, special moves and throws.
Hit here means the move hits your opponent even if s/he defends. This means your opponent blocks, but still takes some of the damage.
If it doesn't hit, it means your opponent dodges the move and takes no damage.
But of course, if your opponent is not defending or is in the process of attacking, your attack will definitely be a hit.
The above concept would not mean that if an opponent is defending, all your powerful moves will mostly be dodged. The system also incorporates the opponent's health into the equation.
This means that if the opponent is weak, the dodge probability would be lowered, which would mean that powerful moves will also have a higher chances of hit.
So if a weak opponent blocks all the way, you can still hammer your special moves and you will mostly get him/her to block (and take some damage) rather than dodge. In the end, the health will run out and you will still win.

Q: Jumping attacks cannot hit opponents?
A: They can. Unlike other fighting games, you don't just do an attack when you jump and expect to hit. Rather, the jumping attack is iniated at ONLY the moment you press the attack key airborne.
You need to time the attack. So to hit, you jump towards your opponent and when close enough, you press the attack key!

Q: I cannot throw my opponent most of the time. What is happening?
A: It is harder to throw your opponent when his/her health is still high. You have to beat him/her up some more.

Q: I beat up my opponent but why haven't I won the match? The opponent lifebar even says Finished!
A: You must have turned on Power Finish! Refer to the Power Finish question below.

Q: I turned the Power Finish option On. But why can't I finish my opponent during a match?
A: When Power Finish is on, you can only finish your opponent with a power move such as a special move or throw move, or Down + Kick, or Jump + Kick.
Other moves will not finish him/her, which means you can keep punishing your opponent!
If you have someone you would like to beat up badly, create him/her as a fighter, save that fighter and use this option!
You will be able to unleash nearly unlimited punishment!!
Don't worry, when your opponent is finishable, s/he cannot defend himself/herself anymore.

Q: Double KO, but I won/lost?
A: The fighter who KOed the opponent first would win. But it would be too fast for a human to tell.

Q: Where can I find slamcodes to be used in the game?
A:You can try visiting the Tamugaia Forum or Final Slam 2 facebook page.

Q: Sometimes, my created AI fighters may start attacking when not close enough. (Near but not closeup) Why?
A: This is because, they are assigned moves that won't advance their position, aka still moves.
Fix: during the "near" condition of their AI, either
- don't let them use the still moves
- or assign forward moves instead
- or let the fighter use more combos because combos can lunge the fighter forward

Q: The created fighter, when in AI mode, isn't using a particular move too much / at all
A: Adjust the AI to make him/her use the move more. And reduce the usage probabilities of other moves

Q: My fighter is weak when he is in AI mode. He loses to almost all other fighters! How do I make him stronger?
A: There are several considerations here. Firstly, check your fighter's stats. If you forgot to configure them and the stats are all 1's, your fighter is weak.
Invalid stats will also cause this. In this case, re-edit and save your fighter.
Secondly, your fighter's AI may need tweaking. You will need to tweak your fighter's AI based on his/her stats and moves.
For example, if your fighter has a lot of health points, s/he can choose to attack more when weak. Vice versa, you can set him/her to focus on defense. A strong AI should also correspond with the moves you pick for your fighter.
In a nutshell, fighters with long-range attacks should use those attacks when far away.
And fighters should not use a lot of their close-range attacks when far away. Otherwise they'd be just "demonstrating moves" and hitting nothing.
This makes your fighter weak. Adjusting this AI-moves matching can greatly increase fighter AI strength. Also be careful not to use set your fighter to attack a lot. Attacking makes the fighter's defense lower.

Q: My fighter AI is stupid. The fighter makes stupid moves like using melee attacks when not within range, and using slow long-range attacks closeup. Can I solve this problem?
A: You can solve this problem by tweaking the AI in fighter creator. Make your fighter NOT use long-range moves when near or close to your opponent.
And you can also make your fighter NOT use melee attacks / combo when very far or far from your opponent.

Q: I created a boxer but I have make him have kicking moves! How can I solve this problem?
A: It's ok. Let him have the kicking moves but tweak the AI so that he doesn't use ANY of the kicking moves.

Q: Why does my fighter disappear suddenly?
A: You may have entered a slamcode that was modified, and somehow, the code points to a character sprite that is non-existant.
When that sprite is used, your fighter will vanish. If you encounter this problem, you need to redo your fighter in Edit mode.
Once you identify the fighter config (move/appearance) that is missing, just click on a new config to select a valid one.

Q: Why does my fighter have a body part that is missing?
A: The problem is similar to the one in the above question.

Q: My saved fighters and data are all missing. What happened?
A: (Flash version) You must have played the game on a website (A) and saved data and then gone to another website (B) the next time.
You need to go back to the website where you saved the game to load the data.

Q: Why did my created fighter fail to save?? I cannot see him/her in the list.
A: This is a rare occurrence. Try creating a random guy and saving him. That should invoke the previous fighter to appear. But this rarely happens.

Q: I was creating an Indian/Russian/Latin guy. But I could not find an Indian/Latin face. What do I do?
A: The names of the faces, like Caucasian, Normal, Asian... are just names. You can just use whatever face that is the closest to the fighter in your imagination. It doesn't really matter.

Q: Sometimes when I change some body parts, like the Hair Base or Bangs, why don't I see any changes?
A: The part maybe covered by other parts. For example, if the guy is wearing a hat or helmet, changes to the hair cannot be seen until you remove the hat/helmet.

Other Questions
Q: Is there a Mac version?
A: Yes. But you need to contact me to get it... [josh_tamugaia at yahoo dot com]

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