Feng Shui and the Environment

I used to think Feng Shui was something abstract and used to partially believe in it... that was until...
Feng Shui and the Environment
Feng Shui is also called Geomancy and is the study of energy forces around us and how they affect us. Feng Shui dates back to 10000 years ago, if I am not wrong. Some people dismiss Feng Shui as superstition. Well, there is a type of Feng Shui that is based on superstition, but the real type is a kind of science.

To get back to the point, I now believe that Feng Shui is more real than ever. You see, I got this book from a veteran Feng Shui master called Joey Yap. He says that it is intergral to find a good spot to live in, and not just to arrange furniture in your house. He says the external environment that affects your house can make a difference in everything.

In my other post the Josh Tamugaia Story, I mentioned that I lived in an apartment filled with moss. Well, the surroundings were pretty bad too. Heavy and noisy rushing traffic, filthy air... ooh. I moved further away, to a place where I could see tall mountains at a distance, with fresher air and less pollution. And you know what, the macro Feng Shui at this new place is definitely a lot better and what impact did it do to me? I can now think better and when I look back at the things that I did back when I was living in the lousy area, I thought to myself... why did I think that way? Why did I make those bad choices? Why did I have all those bad ideas...

It has everything to do with external Feng Shui. Better Feng Shui, better environment, better thinking. It is stupid easy, it is LOGICAL!! Now I see how Feng Shui works. It ain't really about buying colorful stuff to decorate your house...

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Tags : feng shui, environment, self-development
Posted on 2008-10-08 [Wed] 02:58 with 5294 hits
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