What the hell is a fanboy?! A fanboy is a male who is obsessed about something...
A fanboy is a male who is a passionate fan of various elements of geek culture like sci-fi, comics, Star Wars, video games, anime, hobbits. It can also be used to refer to those who are passionate and obsessed about a particular game or brand of products (Apple, Sony...), or genre of anything (RPG games, Hip-hop music...). Obsessed to the point that he will do and say anything to support their obsession and tear down anyone else who has negative opinions about their obsession, whether true or logical or not. In other terms, crazy! What they like is THE BEST! The competitors are bullshit, and no matter how bad their obsession has become, they will continue to support it.

Some even go out their way to search for people who use/support the competitors or counterparts of their obsession to deliberately rain fire on them, starting a war. Being a fanboy is a bad idea. Time is wasted on arguments. Things go bad or become good from time to time and it is wise to change to whatever works for our lives. Time is better spent learning stuff and improving our skills, than to argue over pointless obsessions. Even if we win the arguments, what we would get is just temporary satisfaction that does not help in any part of the Maslow's Hierarchy of life.

To refer to females, we call them fangirls, but then fangirls are a bit different.

Is there a cure for fanboys? Well, once they realize that nothing is forever, and nothing is good forever, and blind loyalty doesn't really pay, and they have a clearer understanding of what's important in life, they will start to release their passion on their obsession. But then again, most fanboys will not admit it. They will just tell you their obsession is truly the supremest. And then they will tell you that you are inferior compared to them...
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