Writing cards

How to write an exciting card (TV Show) without burning yourself to the ground.
There are a few ways to write:
- Simulated
- Play-by-play
- Summary

All 3 styles can be combined, but play-by-play is always prefered. When you get burnt out, always try to cut a match short by cutting part of it, not shortening the whole thing. For instance, if you start the match from the beginning with wrestler entrances and all, and then they exchange a few blows, then someone hits their finisher and picks up the win, readers would rate the match low in their minds. Instead, maybe after their entrances, make the commentators say that it is time for commercial, and then restart your writing from near the end of the match, like mentioning that both superstars are worn out... bla bla, then someone hits their fininsher and wins. That way, readers get an impression that they missed a huge part of the match but the match was probably a good one. Doing this does not get you, the writer, worn out, and it does not make your match "cheap". Top add flavor, insert some interference (if asked for by your players) or some near pinfalls before the victory.

Another way to avoid burnout is to write the main event (last match) first, either in full or cut-off (as stated above). Then proceed onto the rest of the card. You can summarize some low-carder matches. This is to ensure a good card. People like to have a GREAT main event, but I have seen some writers write a super card but toward the end, they write a summarized main event and put a note saying that "it is already very late at night and I have to sleep". He should have written the main event first and then maybe summarize the first match or a not so popular one (tag team or cruiserweight).

Make sure the card comes out on time. IF you can't make it on time, the latest would be a day late. After that, people will quit. When you have a feeling you would be late, quickly do the main event (as stated above) and then summarize the rest. You will still have a good card.

- One-line summary?
One-line summaries should be avoided at all costs, unless it is a very unpopular match which people did not roleplay at all for. An example:

Bob the Beast Mellon defeated Dublin Dogg.

If you want to summarize a match, maybe you can add in details like whether the match was good or one-sided or see-saw. Then mention any near falls or interference or exciting situations, then move on to the victory and the finishing move used. Example:

Bob the Beast Mellon faced Dublin Dogg in an exciting non-title match. Dublin Dogg put up quite a fight and The Beast nearly got pinned early in the match. The Beast speared Dogg and nearly got a 3 count. Dublin Dogg managed to hit a low blow when the referee was not looking but still could not pin The Beast for a 3 count. The Beast capitalized on a mistake by Dogg and hit the Beast Neck Breaker and then the Beast Leg Drop to pick up the win.

Your team of writers...
You can have a writer, a booker and a judge. Up to you, but if you do that, the card might be better but you cannot beat the clock unless you guys always hook up at the same time on messenger. If not, the writer will often not know what storyline was set in the mind of the booker and needs to message him to ask, and then the message the judge to ask for the results and if the judge does not reply... oh MY GOD!!

It is best to have a person book, judge and write. That guy would be a "General Manager" or "Commissioner". Yes, if a guys portrays great talent in e-wrestling, he should be able to do all. He can book (he has a storyline in mind) and then write (according to storyline) and then judge winners and compile the card all at once, in one day.

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