Staying Alive

With an efed started, you definitely want to keep it alive for as long as possible, if not, you would not have even started the efed.
With an efed started, you definitely want to keep it alive for as long as possible, if not, you would not have even started the efed. Stuff that keep an efed alive are:

- Participation
If your members start leaving one by one, you won't have any reason to continue. You need to keep your existing members or get new ones. To keep people playing, you need to make sure you winner judgment is good, that is unbiased judging. Always provide a means for players to email you to ask about winner decisions, if they are unhappy, and you can explain to them. If not, they will immediately complain to everyone when they feel like they got screwed.
When both players participated fantastically in terms of roleplaying and strategizing, like some roleplaying game, but you can only pick one winner, be sure to make it a draw or give the loser something too, like maybe the loser gets to beat the winner up and get the last laugh or anything similar. That way, people feel good even after losing and a good roleplayer who still lost should deserve something like that and this saves efeds.

- Decent workload
Everyone has a life. If your efed gets super successful and the card gets big, do not hesitate to cut down on detail, like when you write a match, cut down the middle part or even start from the end of the match when the exciting stuff happens. You will not burn yourself out like that. Or you can use a simulator, but make sure you edit the ending so that people know a judgment was made. If the roster gets too big and bookings are hard, split the card, either officially, where superstars are strictly limited to one brand, or unofficially, where the split only affects the booking procedures. When that is done, you can get another writer to help you run the other brand.

- Website workload
This can burn efed owners out in an instant : website updates. You need to make sure you can easily update your website after every week. Maybe use server-side scripting like PHP or ASP if you can. If not, use your message boards or blogger that allows easy editing. Do not put too many details that change easily over a short span of time, for instance, the number of wins and losses of a superstar. If you include all that, you will just waste your time keeping track. Maybe you can just make a linked roster that links to the players' own webpages. They can set up their myspaces or Yahoo 360 or whatever. Get them to update their pages when they want. Less work on your end.

- Copyrighted images
Make sure you don't grab images from TNA or WWE and put them on your site. I've heard some cases where the efeds got sued and shut down by WWE. You can use my Avatar Coder here. Or you can draw your own superstar if you know how.

- Team effort
If any of your wrestlers want to help you write, give them a probasion, and when they do good, let them go permanent and they can lighten your load!

To get new players, you need promotion. Try submitting to sites like Roughkut.com and similar efed databases. People are constantly browsing those sites to look for efeds to join, so you can try your luck out there. Or if you are running good enough your current players will get their own friends to join.

Stuff that can destroy your efed and should be avoided at all costs:

- Troublemakers
People who think you are useless and try to spread false comments that your efed is shutting down or going down the drain. Even if what they say are true, their saying it can hinder your efed's progress. Ban them from your efed channel (message boards or emailing list) ASAP!

- Bitchers
AKA Complainers
They complain when they lose. You tell them why, they still complain. They are nothing but trouble. If what they are complaining is true then eventually your efed will fall, so that is not the case. Assuming it is their bad, they will be a pain in your ass and every other player's. Ban them.

- Lousy webhosts
They shut your website down for no reason. Go to webhosting directories to search for reliable free webhosting or maybe use your own webhost and domain name if you can.

- Whores
Not the real ones on the street. In e-wrestling, a whore means a person who goes to your message boards or mailing list to send promotions to hook your wrestlers away to their own efeds. At first you can ignore the whores and concentrate on your own stuff. If you do well, your players will not leave. But if the whore spams and floods your channel, ban them ASAP.

- Bad commissioners
A commissioner is a person who runs a show (book matches, judge winners, write the show). If the commissioner screws up a few times, he should be replaced at once. In the WWX, there is a guy that fits this description. He is sometimes biased and the cards are not well-written and last time, his cards never appeared, but now he is better and more trustworthy.

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