Tamugaia´s ewrestling and efed guide

Here, in this series of articles, I would like to share some of my tips on how to get your ewrestling efed running for a longer time period, if not forever!
Tamugaia´s ewrestling and efed guide
Hi. This is Josh Tam, owner of the World Wrestling Xistence or WWX, an efed that started way back before 2002. It is still in Xistence and is still running strong. WWX Site - worldwrestlingx.co.nr You can join if you want.
[No, we have nothing to do with WWX Rumble Roses... ;-D ]

What is it about?

E-wrestling stands for Electronic Wrestling and efed stands for Electronic Federation. What are those? Well, have you watched WWE shows before? WWE Raw, Smackdown, ECW etc... Or have you watched TNA iMPACT, Xplosion... etc... Those are pro-wrestling federations. Electronic federations, efeds are also quite similar to those real federations, just that it is run by Internet users and not real businessmen. The wrestlers are all fictional characters handled by Internet users. TV shows or cards are all written as essays that are distributed to all the players every certain day of the week.

Players play by blowing their horn and saying how good they are and how they are gonna beat their scheduled opponent, or anything they want. This is called roleplaying. The person who makes the best roleplay (blows the biggest horn, lol) will most probably win, according to roleplay-judging rules stated in the efed's rules. Some efeds, like the WWX, allow strategies to be sent to the writers, stating how they want to win the match. This can also make a player win if combined with a good roleplay.

Hence, an efed is meant for pro-wrestling fans who want to wrestle and win championships but are just not cut out to join the real thing, so we do it with our imaginations. God gave us smaller and more fragile bodies, but bigger brains...

I would like to help

Over the course of being a player, commissioner, CEO and owner, I have learned a lot about e-wrestling and I have been through all the ups and downs. Normal efeds close when they are 3 months old. The more stubborn ones close after a year but WWX lives on. It is well over 4 years and maybe even older. I also have my board of directors to thank for the survival of the WWX. Their creative writing made the WWX lots of fun.

Here, in this series of articles, I would like to share some of my tips on how to get your efed running for a longer time period, if not forever!

Browse through the links on the page: The First step, staying alive... etc.

[These articles will also be updated whenever I have new tips or resources to share.]

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Posted on 2007-06-25 [Mon] 11:37 with 8961 hits
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