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Do you like dubbing or subbing? Anyway, to me they are both OK, so why the fuss?
In English??
There are Bleach (Anime) Episodes in English version. People have complained that the voices are bad but I got a sneak and there weren't bad at all. The complaints are probably because they are keen watchers of the Bleach Japanese series are used to the Japanese voices so when the English ones come in and they watch them, they feel the difference and label the voices weird/bad.

Actually there is nothing bad about the English dubbing. They are OK and the voice actors are talented. So why the fuss? You see, the Japanese voices already create a Japanese atmosphere, as would any other language create their own atmosphere. Then those watchers feel it and when they watch the English version, they get an American atmosphere. Apparently, the difference in feeling pissed them off.

From my research, some people start watching Bleach from the English episodes. No complaints!

In my opinion, we should not get mad just because of what we dislike. If what we like is taken from us, that would be another story, but Japanese Bleach lovers can just stick to the Japanese. The ugly thing that I have seen is the Internet war between those 2 factions of people: dubbers(who like English dubbing) and subbers(who like the Japanese version with subtitling). If the English version does not exist, then those who could only have access to the English version would probably not have heard of Bleach, ever. Similarly, English lovers should not bash the original Japanese Bleach lovers cause without the original, there would not be an English version. This applies not only for Bleach, but for every other anime.
Final suggestion from me: Watch the version you like, disregard the rest, no mockeries. Please do not destroy the fun...
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Posted by [joshT] on 2006-10-15 [Sun] 04:15 with 33846 hits
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