Effects of Wrong Eating

We should not eat wrong food like lots and lots of meat or processed food or stimulants. Taking those will make us fat and unhealthy, but why and how?
Effects of Wrong Eating
From my research, there are lots of types of wrong eating but I can summarize them into a few most important and common wrong eating:
1. Taking stimulants like coffee, tea, cigarettes, energy drinks, chocolate...
2. Eating lots of meat, and having a diet with mostly meat.
3. Eating processed food. FYI: anything that is packed up in nice colorful wrappers that have expiry dates have a 90% chance that it is unhealthy food.

But how can those make us fat and unhealthy? Surely I can eat some of those once in a while, right? Wrong! Consuming unhealthy food, only sometimes, is bad too. We should avoid them at all costs unless there is no choice. But at least you will be better of compared to people who consume unhealthy food EVERYDAY!!

Stimulants make us strong so that we can live throughout the day. But that is because those stimulants, like coffee, tea, cigarettes and power drinks, contain mostly toxins. Our body will try to get rid of the toxins as soon as they enter via our mouths. That process will release a lot of energy, the same energy we will feel when we drink them. So in fact, those stimulants drain energy from us, instead of give us energy. If you take stimulants everyday, you will get addicted and it is hard to quit!

What about meat? Meat gives us first-class protein!! No no no. Meat contains first-class protein and after it is cooked, the protein gets co-agulated, just as an egg will become solid once it is fried. Co-agulated protein cannot be absorbed into our body. So consuming meat would not give us much protein. Maybe just 10% of it, or even less. First-class protein can already be found in vegetables, nuts and soys, and believe it or not, our body can make our own protein amino acids from the Nitrogen that we breath in, so there is no need for meat. But meat is so tasty! I can just eat them for fun and fill my hunger, right? Wrong! If you eat lots and lots of meat, the body's digestive system will not be able to handle all the meat and so, the meat will pass through the colon and a lot will get stuck and will be poisonous! A stuck colon will mean diseases will arise from the stuck stuff in there and the most prominent feature: a big gut!

Processed food is also as dangerous. They contain stuff added by the manufacturers. Those are super harmful. There's lots of stuff to say about those, and I am unable to cover all of them here, but to sum it up, the harmful stuff can impair the body systems and drain water from the body. Cold sodas are the worst. They contain excessive sugar and drinking lots of sodas can impair the kidneys.

Alright, the health part is explained briefly, now the fat part. Why we can get fat eating those stuff. Well, first of all, we can get fat when we do not have enough water in or body. The body will detect this drought and start "saving" water everywhere. This will form flabs in the skin, aka water retention. How do we get enough water? Drink drink and drink water. But is that enough? No! You should also see that you do not take anything else that can drain water from your body, like sodas, coffee, tea or lots of meat. That is all to it! Secondly, flabs caused by fats are harder to get rid of, compared to flabs caused by water retention. When the digestive system is impaired, our body cannot break down fats from the food we eat, so the fats are carried to some parts of the body to be stored. The way to solve this problem is to alter your diet to a healthy one. You can do this by consulting some diet specialists. If you are far behind and are "too late", try consulting some alternative medicine and ask for a liver flush and colon flush. If you do not believe in alternative medicine, that is fine, but doing the flushes can easily return your digestive system to normal, but be careful what you eat as to not change your digestive system back to the unhealthy state!

Next, I will try to highlight the effective ways to get rid of fat that you currently have around your body. I tried those ways and they work!

I wrote this article based on my own experience and experiments. They work for me and I am healthier than before. Feel free to not believe me if you don't. I am just expressing my opinions and sharing my knowledge and who knows, I maybe able to help some people

BTW, my ways of losing fat and healthy eating works but at a slower rate, but they are stable and lasting. I don't exercise much anymore, because of my tight schedule and mutliples of work, and I tend to worry a bit, but time after time, I measure my waist, it stays at 27-29 inches! My way is not as fast; there are some other fat losing programs that promote healthy eating, like this one, and it is really worth a shot, if you are looking to lose fat.

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