Eating Wrong Food

Ever heard the phrase ´You Are What You Eat´? It is damn true. Some people are too thin, some people are oversized, some are ugly. People are born that way... but then you must have seen lots of cases where people who were once pretty turn ugly, right? It is all in the food that we eat!
Eating Wrong Food
Eating the right food everyday is essential to shape our looks. I bet you have heard lots of stories from the Internet or TV or from others that consuming lots of fat and cholesterol everyday can give you lots of unwanted fat, making you overweight, right? Never doubt this. This IS true. However, some people who do not eat much can sometimes be fat, and some fat people never seem to burn fat no matter how they go on a diet, and even when they turn vegetarian. This means there is more to it than not eating lots of cholesterol stuff like meat.

What are the types of wrong eating and what are the effects? From my research, there are lots of types of wrong eating but I can summarize them into a few most important and common wrong eating:
1. Taking stimulants like coffee, tea, cigarettes, energy drinks, chocolate...
2. Eating lots of meat, and having a diet with mostly meat.
3. Eating processed food. FYI: anything that is packed up in nice colorful wrappers that have expiry dates have a 90% chance that it is unhealthy food.

The effects of wrong eating? Getting oversized, getting sick, getting lots of diseases and bodily disorders. Lots of diseases are deemed to be caused by outer influences, but in fact, nearly all diseases happen because of what we eat and what we do with our lives.

Later on, I will explain why eating wrongly can make you fat and unhealthy, and the causes of the effects of wrong eating.

BTW, my ways of losing fat and healthy eating works but at a slower rate, but they are stable and lasting. I don't exercise much anymore, because of my tight schedule and mutliples of work, and I tend to worry a bit, but time after time, I measure my waist, it stays at 27-29 inches! My way is not as fast; there are some other fat losing programs that promote healthy eating, like this one, and it is really worth a shot, if you are looking to lose fat.

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