Download Nintendo DS Games

Nowadays, games are getting more and more sophisticated. Some are fun, but some are not. But the king of handheld, Nintendo, is still not giving up on the business as they continue to provide entertainment through the Nintendo DS (NDS). You got an NDS and you need to know where you can buy or download NDS Games?
Download Nintendo DS Games
Let's say you own a Nintendo DS. But what good is a Nintendo DS without good games? Not so good, right? Well, at least you can use your NDS to do some browsing, chatting... what else... but no games?

DS games are cool. Graphics wise, they may lose to other handhelds or consoles, but gameplay wise, Nintendo is still king. A majority of DS games can become addictive and can get you hooked. Other consoles' games seem to have stunning graphics but will get boring over time. DS Games are mostly different since DS has a dualscreen interface and a touchpen.

Some popular DS and DSi games include:
- Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
- Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor
- Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box
- Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
- Scribblenauts
- Dawn of Discovery
- Knights in the Nightmare
- Fossil Fighters
- Art Style: BOXLIFE
- Space Invaders Extreme 2
- LEGO Battles
- Tetris DS
- Nintendogs: Lab & Friends
- Puzzle Kingdoms
- MySims Racing
- Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime
- Tony Hawk's American SK8Land
- Ultimate Spider-Man
- Kirby: Canvas Curse
- Animal Crossing: Wild World

You can rent games and all, but games you rent you cannot play forever. NDS titles like Bleach and WWE and Mario will take some time to play and unless you ditch your other things to do in your life, like school, work, sleep... you won't be able to finish the game before you return it.

Or perhaps, you can just buy NDS games but then you would have to keep buying new games as they come out. Can you afford that? Other more skilled players search the Internet for NDS roms to download and play but then that is an illegal act.

An alternative way is to become a member of a legal download site such as this one. It is not free but then it is not expensive either. You pay once, you have access to lots of latest NDS games to download. Not just that, you can download TV-series, movies and music too. The download site updates frequently so the games are compatible with DS Lite and DSi.

So I don't know about you, but I think paying once to download lots of games, music and movies is a pretty good deal compared to having to pay many times for each game, or downloading illegal NDS roms...
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