Bleach English Dubbed Episodes

Finally... Bleach Episodes in English! On this page, you can watch the Bleach Episodes that were English dubbed. There are less English Bleach episodes than the Japanese ones (raw or English subbed), but I am trying to get them all up here on this page. Enjoy...
Bleach English Dubbed Episodes
Bleach is one of the top anime shows in the world, featuring Soul Reapers (Shinigami in Japanese). Those Soul Reapers fight evil spirits such as Hollows. They also encounter enemies like Arrancar, Bount, evil Soul Reapers, Sword Fiends and so on... will be airing English Dubbed Bleach episodes and also Bleach Episodes that are English Subbed. The Bleach Episodes here are in English! ( english dub ). Alternately, go here to watch Bleach Episodes English Subbed

Watching Bleach Episodes in English

Watching anime like Bleach is fun, but if anime is dubbed in our native tongue, we do not have to read the subs and watch at the same time, which would mean more fun. Some people think that English-dubbed anime episodes lose the actual feeling of the anime. This maybe somewhat true in certain anime. It all depends on how the dubbing script is written. If it is directly-translated from Japanese, it will feel awkward. If it is rewritten to suit the colloquialness of English, it would be a lot better. Well, in the case of Bleach, Anime News Network commented that the English voice acting of the characters is as good as the Japanese one, therefore considering each of them very original.

Bleach Episode List

Here is the whole list of Bleach Episodes in English that I currently have on

Bleach Season 8 - Arrancar: The Fierce Fight
The Moment of Conclusion, The End of Grimmjow - Bleach Episode 167 English Dubbed
Desperate Effort vs. Desperate Effort! Hollowfied Ichigo - Bleach Episode 166 English Dubbed
The Murderous Intent Boils! The Joyful Grimmjow - Bleach Episode 165 English Dubbed
Ishida's Strategy, 20-Second Offense and Defense - Bleach Episode 164 English Dubbed
Shinigami and Quincy, The Battle with Madness - Bleach Episode 163 English Dubbed
Szayel Aporro Laughs, The Net Trapping Renji is Complete - Bleach Episode 162 English Dubbed
The Cruel Arrancar, Ulquiorra's Provocation - Bleach Episode 161 English Dubbed
Testament, Your Heart is Right Here... - Bleach Episode 160 English Dubbed
Yasutora Sado Dies! Orihime's Tears - Bleach Episode 159 English Dubbed
Right Arm of the Giant, Left Arm of the Devil - Bleach Episode 158 English Dubbed
Ishida's Trump Card, Seele Schneider - Bleach Episode 157 English Dubbed
Ishida & Pesche, the United Attack of Friendship - Bleach Episode 156 English Dubbed
Rukia Retaliates! Release the Desperate Kido - Bleach Episode 155 English Dubbed
Rukia and Kaien, the Sorrowful Reunion - Bleach Episode 154 English Dubbed
The Devilish Research! Szayel Aporro's Plan - Bleach Episode 153 English Dubbed
Ichigo Strikes Back! This Is My Bankai - Bleach Episode 152 English Dubbed

Bleach Season 7 - Arrancar: The Hueco Mundo Sneak Entry
The Raging Storm! Encounter with the Dancing Arrancar - Bleach Episode 151 English Dubbed
Oath! Back Here Alive Again - Bleach Episode 150 English Dubbed
Through the Crumbling Forest, a Million Menos - Bleach Episode 149 English Dubbed
Ashido, The Soul Reaper Who Came from the Past - Bleach Episode 148 English Dubbed
Forest of Menos! Search for the Missing Rukia - Bleach Episode 147 English Dubbed
The Name's Nel! The Appearance of a Strange Arrancar - Bleach Episode 146 English Dubbed
The Espada Gather! Aizen's Royal Assembly - Bleach Episode 145 English Dubbed
Ishida and Chad, The Quickening of a New Power - Bleach Episode 144 English Dubbed
Grimmjow Revived - Bleach Episode 143 English Dubbed
Strict Order! The Forbidden Rescue of Orihime Inoue - Bleach Episode 142 English Dubbed
Goodbye..., Kurosaki! - Bleach Episode 141 English Dubbed
Ulquiorra's Scheme, the Moment when the Sun Sets! - Bleach Episode 140 English Dubbed
Ichigo vs. Grimmjow, the 11-second battle! - Bleach Episode 139 English Dubbed
Hueco Mundo moves again! Hitsugaya vs. Yammy - Bleach Episode 138 English Dubbed
The Malicious Battle, Aizen's Trap - Bleach Episode 137 English Dubbed
Civil War in Hueco Mundo! Ulquiorra's death - Bleach Episode 136 English Dubbed
Kon is Deceived! Rangiku on the Lookout - Bleach Episode 135 English Dubbed
The Beautiful Patissier, Yumichika! - Bleach Episode 134 English Dubbed
Ikkaku: The Hot-Blooded Kendo Tale - Bleach Episode 133 English Dubbed
Hitsugaya, Karin, and Soccer Ball - Bleach Episode 132 English Dubbed

Bleach Season 6 - The Arrancar
Rangiku's Tears, the Sorrowful Parting of Brother and Sister - Bleach Episode 131 English Dubbed
The Invisible Enemy! Hitsugaya's Merciless Decision - Bleach Episode 130 English Dubbed
The Swooping Descent of the Dark Emissary! The Propagation of Malice - Bleach Episode 129 English Dubbed
The Nightmare Arrancar! Team Hitsugaya moves out - Bleach Episode 128 English Dubbed
Urahara's Decision, Orihime's Thoughts - Bleach Episode 127 English Dubbed
Uryu vs. Ryuken! Clash of the Parent-Child Quincys - Bleach Episode 126 English Dubbed
Urgent Report! Aizen's Terrifying Plan! - Bleach Episode 125 English Dubbed
Collision! Black Bankai and the White Bankai - Bleach Episode 124 English Dubbed
Ichigo, Complete Hollowification!? - Bleach Episode 123 English Dubbed
Visored! The Power of the Awakened - Bleach Episode 122 English Dubbed
Clash! The Protector vs. The Bearer - Bleach Episode 121 English Dubbed
Hitsugaya Scatters! The Broken Hyorinmaru - Bleach Episode 120 English Dubbed
Zaraki Division's Secret Story! The Lucky Men - Bleach Episode 119 English Dubbed
Ikkaku's Bankai! The Power That Breaks Everything - Bleach Episode 118 English Dubbed
Rukia's Battle Commences! The Freezing White Blade - Bleach Episode 117 English Dubbed
The Evil Eye, Aizen Returns - Bleach Episode 116 English Dubbed
Mission! The Soul Reapers Have Come - Bleach Episode 115 English Dubbed
Reunion, Ichigo and Rukia and Soul Reapers - Bleach Episode 114 English Dubbed
Prelude to the Apocalypse, The Arrancar's Offensive - Bleach Episode 113 English Dubbed
The Commencement of War, Visoreds and the Arrancars - Bleach Episode 112 English Dubbed
Shock! The Father's True Identity - Bleach Episode 111 English Dubbed
Reopening of the Substitute Business! The Terrifying Transfer Student - Bleach Episode 110 English Dubbed

Bleach Season 5 - The Assault
Ichigo and Rukia, Thoughts in the Revolving Around Heaven - Bleach Episode 109 English Dubbed
The Wailing Bount! The Last Clash - Bleach Episode 108 English Dubbed
The Swung-Down Edge! The Moment of Ruin - Bleach Episode 107 English Dubbed
Life and Revenge! Ishida, the Ultimate Choice - Bleach Episode 106 English Dubbed
Kariya! Countdown to the Detonation - Bleach Episode 105 English Dubbed
10th Division's Death Struggle! The Release of Hyorinmaru - Bleach Episode 104 English Dubbed
Ishida, exceeding the limits to attack! - Bleach Episode 103 English Dubbed
The Last Quincy! The Exploding Power - Bleach Episode 102 English Dubbed
Mayuri's bankai!! Sawatari·Clash of the Demon - Bleach Episode 101 English Dubbed
Soifon Dies? The Last of the Special Forces - Bleach Episode 100 English Dubbed
Shinigami vs. Shinigami! The Uncontrollable Power - Bleach Episode 99 English Dubbed
Clash! Kenpachi Zaraki vs. Maki Ichinose - Bleach Episode 98 English Dubbed
Hitsugaya Strikes! Slice the Enemy in the Middle of the Forest - Bleach Episode 97 English Dubbed
Ichigo·Byakuya·Kariya, The Battle of the Three Extremes - Bleach Episode 96 English Dubbed
Byakuya Takes the Field! Dance of the Wind-Splitting Cherry Blossoms - Bleach Episode 95 English Dubbed
Hitsugaya's Decision! The Clash Approaches - Bleach Episode 94 English Dubbed
The Bount Assault! The Gotei 13 of Destructive Earthquake - Bleach Episode 93 English Dubbed
Invasion of the Shinigami World, Again - Bleach Episode 92 English Dubbed

Bleach Season 4 - The Bount
Shinigami and Quincy, the Reviving Power - Bleach Episode 91 English Dubbed
Renji Abarai, Bankai of the Soul! - Bleach Episode 90 English Dubbed
Rematch?! Ishida vs. Nemu - Bleach Episode 89 English Dubbed
Annihilation of the Lieutenants!? Trap in the Underground Cave - Bleach Episode 88 English Dubbed
Byakuya is summoned! The Gotei 13 start to move! - Bleach Episode 87 English Dubbed
Rangiku dances! Slice the invisible enemy! - Bleach Episode 86 English Dubbed
Deadly Battle of Tears! Rukia vs Orihime - Bleach Episode 85 English Dubbed
Dissension in the Substitute Team? Rukia's Betrayal - Bleach Episode 84 English Dubbed
Grey Shadow, the Secret of the Dolls - Bleach Episode 83 English Dubbed
Ichigo vs. Dalk! Appearance of the Faded Darkness - Bleach Episode 82 English Dubbed
Hitsugaya Moves! The Attacked City - Bleach Episode 81 English Dubbed
Assault From a Formidable Enemy! A Tiny Final Line of Defense?! - Bleach Episode 80 English Dubbed
Yoshino's Decision of Death - Bleach Episode 79 English Dubbed
Shocking Revelations for the 13 Divisions! The Truth Buried in History - Bleach Episode 78 English Dubbed
Unfading Grudge! The Shinigami Whom Kenpachi Killed - Bleach Episode 77 English Dubbed
Crashing force! Fried vs. Zangetsu - Bleach Episode 76 English Dubbed
Earth-Shattering Event at 11th Squad! The Shinigami who Rises Again - Bleach Episode 75 English Dubbed
Memories of an Eternally Living Clan - Bleach Episode 74 English Dubbed
Gathering Bounts! The Man Who Makes His Move - Bleach Episode 73 English Dubbed
Water Attack! Escape from the Shutdown Hospital - Bleach Episode 72 English Dubbed
The Moment of Collision! An Evil Hand Draws Near to the Quincy - Bleach Episode 71 English Dubbed
Rukia's Return! Revival of the Substitute Team! - Bleach Episode 70 English Dubbed
Bounts! The Soul Hunters! - Bleach Episode 69 English Dubbed
True Identity of the Devil, the Secret which is Revealed - Bleach Episode 68 English Dubbed
Death Game! The Missing Classmate - Bleach Episode 67 English Dubbed
Breakthrough! The Trap Hidden in the Labyrinth - Bleach Episode 66 English Dubbed
Creeping Terror, the Second Victim - Bleach Episode 65 English Dubbed
New School Term, Renji has Come to the Material World?! - Bleach Episode 64 English Dubbed

Bleach Season 3 - The Rescue
Rukia's Resolution, Ichigo's Feelings - Bleach Episode 63 English Dubbed
Congress Together! The Strongest Shinigami Organization - Bleach Episode 62 English Dubbed
Aizen Stands Out! His Terrifying Ambitions - Bleach Episode 61 English Dubbed
Truth of the Despair, the Dagger that has been Brandished - Bleach Episode 60 English Dubbed
Conclusion of the Death Match! White Pride and Black Desire - Bleach Episode 59 English Dubbed
Unseal! The Black Blade, the Miraculous Power - Bleach Episode 58 English Dubbed
One Thousand Cherry Blossoms, Crushed! Zangetsu Thrusts Through the Sky - Bleach Episode 57 English Dubbed
Supersonic Battle! Determine the Goddess of Chivalry - Bleach Episode 56 English Dubbed
The Strongest Shinigami! Ultimate Confrontation Between Teacher and Student - Bleach Episode 55 English Dubbed
An Accomplished Oath! Get back, Rukia! - Bleach Episode 54 English Dubbed
Ichimaru Gin's Temptation, Resolution of Destruction - Bleach Episode 53 English Dubbed
Renji, Oath of the Soul! Death Match with Byakuya - Bleach Episode 52 English Dubbed
Morning of the Sentence - Bleach Episode 51 English Dubbed
The Awakening Lion - Bleach Episode 50 English Dubbed
Rukia's Nightmare - Bleach Episode 49 English Dubbed
Hitsugaya Roars! - Bleach Episode 48 English Dubbed
The Avengers - Bleach Episode 47 English Dubbed
Authentic Records! School of Shinigami - Bleach Episode 46 English Dubbed
Overcome the Limits! - Bleach Episode 45 English Dubbed
Ishida Power of Limits! - Bleach Episode 44 English Dubbed
The Despicable Shinigami - Bleach Episode 43 English Dubbed
Yoruichi, The Goddess of Flash, Dances! - Bleach Episode 42 English Dubbed

Bleach Season 2 - The Entry
Reunion, Ichigo and Rukia - Bleach Episode 41 English Dubbed

The Shinigami whom Ganju Met - Bleach Episode 40 English Dubbed
The Man of Immortality - Bleach Episode 39 English Dubbed
Desperation! The Broken Zangetsu - Bleach Episode 38 English Dubbed
Reason of the Fist - Bleach Episode 37 English Dubbed
Kenpachi Zaraki Approaches! - Bleach Episode 36 English Dubbed
Assassination of Aizen! The Darkness which Approaches - Bleach Episode 35 English Dubbed
Tragedy of Dawn - Bleach Episode 34 English Dubbed
Stars and the Stray - Bleach Episode 33 English Dubbed
Stars and the Stray - Bleach Episode 32 English Dubbed
The Resolution to Kill - Bleach Episode 31 English Dubbed
Renji's Confrontation - Bleach Episode 30 English Dubbed
Breakthrough! The Shinigami's Encompassing Net - Bleach Episode 29 English Dubbed
Orihime is Being Targeted - Bleach Episode 28 English Dubbed
Release the Death Blow! - Bleach Episode 27 English Dubbed
Formation! The Worst Tag - Bleach Episode 26 English Dubbed
Penetrate the Centre with an Enormous Bombshell? - Bleach Episode 25 English Dubbed
Assemble! The 13 Divisions - Bleach Episode 24 English Dubbed
The Sentence of Rukia, Before the 14th Day - Bleach Episode 23 English Dubbed
The Man who Hates Shinigami - Bleach Episode 22 English Dubbed
Enter! The World of the Shinigami - Bleach Episode 21 English Dubbed

Bleach Season 1 - The Substitute
Ichimaru Gin's Shadow - Bleach Episode 20 English Dubbed
Ichigo Becomes a Hollow! - Bleach Episode 19 English Dubbed
Reclaim! The Power of the Shinigami - Bleach Episode 18 English Dubbed
Ichigo Dies! - Bleach Episode 17 English Dubbed
Encounter, Renji Abarai! - Bleach Episode 16 English Dubbed
Kon's Great Plan - Bleach Episode 15 English Dubbed
Back to Back, a Fight to the Death! - Bleach Episode 14 English Dubbed
Flower and Hollow - Bleach Episode 13 English Dubbed
A Gentle Right Arm - Bleach Episode 12 English Dubbed
The Legendary Quincy - Bleach Episode 11 English Dubbed
Assault on Trip at Sacred Ground! - Bleach Episode 10 English Dubbed
Unbeatable Enemy - Bleach Episode 9 English Dubbed
June 17, a Memory of Rain - Bleach Episode 8 English Dubbed
Greetings from a Stuffed Toy - Bleach Episode 7 English Dubbed
Fight to the Death! Ichigo vs. Ichigo - Bleach Episode 6 English Dubbed
Beat the Invisible Enemy! - Bleach Episode 5 English Dubbed
Cursed Parakeet - Bleach Episode 4 English Dubbed
The Older Brother's Wish, the Younger Sister's Wish - Bleach Episode 3 English Dubbed
A Shinigami's Work - Bleach Episode 2 English Dubbed
The Day I Became a Shinigami - Bleach Episode 1 English Dubbed

Other Anime Episodes to Watch.

Please note that the episodes here load fast as they are of a smaller file size. But if you want to watch Bleach in High Quality HD, you can try this.

Download Bleach Episodes English Subbed

Here, I actually just provide embeds from video sites such as Youtube, Dailymotion, Livevideo, Metacafe or other video sites hosting the Bleach episodes. Youtube is the biggest video portal to date, with a pretty high alexa ranking, therefore, it should be easy to find Bleach Episodes in English on Youtube, but sometimes, those episodes still get deleted. To download the episodes in High Quality HD or something, you can usually find them hosted on sites such as rapidshare, megaupload, mediafire, hotfile and easyshare, just to name a few. But those links are harder to find and are scattered about, and are sometimes broken. You can also try going premium, paying a one-time fee to a download site such as this one and then you can just download any anime episode in high quality, including Bleach.

Searching for Bleach videos

If you want to search for Bleach videos, you can try my Anime Video Searcher site. For example, you can search for: "Bleach Opening 1". I hope you have fun with my Video Portal!
Example Bleach Opening Search

Bleach Characters

Main Characters From Karakura Town
Ichigo Kurosaki - the main character of the story. Orange hair, extremely powerful. The human who became a substitue soul reaper (shinigami).
Rukia Kuchiki - the soul reaper girl with short hair and an attitude.
Orihime Inoue - the red-haired girl with healing powers.
Tatsuki Arisawa - the black-haired tomboy girl who knows martial arts.
Yasutora Sado - Dark Brazilian-looking big guy with huge arms and can punch holes
Ishida Uryuu - skinny Quincy guy with the cool spectacles. Shoots blue arrows

Characters from Urahara Shop
Kisuke Urahara - Owner of the shop... with the green-striped hat
Yoruichi Shihoin - The black cat that can turn into a woman
Tessai Tsukabishi - Big funny man with the moustache
Jinta Hanakari - Red-haired rude boy
Ururu Tsumugiya - Black-haired polite girl who seems to fight well

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