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Basilisk Anime EpisodesBasilisk Anime! 2 ninja clans of warriors with special powers fight fight fight! Watch Basilisk Episodes here! English Dubbed

We had Rurouni Kenshin, Naruto... Now we have Basilisk. 2 ninja clans of warriors with special powers fight fight fight! Watch Basilisk Episodes here!

Here is the synopsis. 2 ninja clans became enemies because of some war but they had peace for many years until one day they lifted their truce. Now they will continue to fight.

I have 2 words for this series: FREAK SHOW!!!

The manga was authored by Masaki Segawa and published in Japan in 2003 and 2004, based on the novel The Kouga Ninja Scrolls by Futaro Yamada published in 1958. The anime, produced in 2005 by Gonzo Studios, closely follows the manga aside from a handful of distinctions.

It has lots of adult themes, namely blood, violence, romance, mild nudity... however, it is not hentai or porn or stuff like that. The people in there sometimes NEARLY go naked but in the end, nothing is shown, so it is probably still safe for work.

There is a guy who can go into walls, and is seen wearing nothing, babes who have odd powers, a fat guy who can turn into a ball, a spiderman, an old guy who has Dhalsim's powers, a worm, a slime. Wow!!

Basilisk features 2 clans : Each clan will represent one of the two factions supporting Ieyasu's grandsons; the names of their selected fighters recorded on two identical scrolls to be marked out in blood upon their death. The surviving clan that slays the chosen ten of the other will be given favor for a thousand years while the grandson they represent will be pronounced the undisputed heir to the Shogunate. It is like WWE Survivor Series!

The Episodes
Destiny - Basilisk Episode 1 English Dubbed
Last Rendezvous - Basilisk Episode 2 English Dubbed
The Onslaught of War - Basilisk Episode 3 English Dubbed
The Horned Owl - Basilisk Episode 4 English Dubbed
The Surprise Attack - Basilisk Episode 5 English Dubbed
Longing in the Rain - Basilisk Episode 6 English Dubbed
Blood Sucking Seductress - Basilisk Episode 7 English Dubbed
Cage of Blood - Basilisk Episode 8 English Dubbed
Farewell - Basilisk Episode 9 English Dubbed
Divine Mandate - Basilisk Episode 10 English Dubbed
On Their Own - Basilisk Episode 11 English Dubbed
Remembrance - Basilisk Episode 12 English Dubbed
A Swarm of Butterflies - Basilisk Episode 13 English Dubbed
Fallen Flower - Basilisk Episode 14 English Dubbed
Basilisk Episode 15 English Dubbed
Basilisk Episode 16 English Dubbed
Basilisk Episode 17 English Dubbed
Basilisk Episode 18 English Dubbed
Basilisk Episode 19 English Dubbed
Basilisk Episode 20 English Dubbed
Basilisk Episode 21 English Dubbed
Basilisk Episode 22 English Dubbed
Basilisk Episode 23 English Dubbed
Basilisk Episode 24 English Dubbed

Basilisk Characters - Kouga Clan
Kouga Gennosuke
Kisaragi Saemon
Muroga Hyouma
Kasumi Gyoubu
Udono Jousuke
Jimushi Jubei
Kazamachi Shogen
Kouga Danjo

Basilisk Characters - Iga Clan
Yakushiji Tenzen
Chikuma Koshirou
Amayo Jingoro
Mino Nenki
Azuki Rousai

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