Avoid White Foods

So, we are all having a huge portion of white foods. But from my research and experience these are the exact kind of foods that we need to reduce or avoid totally, if possible.
Avoid White Foods
White foods. They have very little benefit to their eaters. Why? Let me get straight to the point. Most White foods have gone through several steps of processes and their shelf lives have been increased. This causes them to hold a lot less nutrients and energy. When I say nutrients and energy, I mean nutrients and energy that we can obtain from them when we eat them. Sure enough, some white foods have lots of nutrients but having a lot of nutrients is not the same as having nutrients that can be absorbed by humans once eaten.

The kind of food that we eat are the kind that still have lifeforce within them. Let me give you an example. Bananas. Once plucked, they are still alive. And when ripe, they are still alive. The plant cells, I mean. And you eat them. You get their lifeforce. But if you wait too long, the lifeforce would slowly disappear and in the end... there will be none.

Most white foods have little to no lifeforce. Example? White rice. First, they are dehulled to remove their hulls. And then milled to remove husks and layers of bran. Thus all nutrients would be gone, and what is left would be the white part, aka white rice. Nothing but starch and carbohydrates. And the white rice is packed and sent to the warehouse. When bought, cooked and served, the amount of time from harvest to cooked would span around months. Which means the white rice we eat would be deemed "dead". This also goes for white oats, white flour...

From a personal survey I made, most people with distended bellies eat a lot of white rice and white flour products (especially bread). Gosh.

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Posted on 2009-06-17 [Wed] 21:41 with 6799 hits
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