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Valthirian Arc Valthirian Arc Valthirian Arc : Valthirian Arc, the flash game where you train your students into warriors! [3297]
Golferrific Golferrific Golferrific : Now this is awesome... A punk kid playing golf. This is no ordinary golf game. [2946]
Particlz Particlz Particlz : Particlz Puzzle Flash Game. Manipulate particles into collectors. Unique, with puzzle-creation mode. [2565]
Robot Territories Robot Territories Robot Territories : Shooting/defense game set in a robot future. 20 levels, 10 enemy units and a BFG. It's quite hard. Juggle your enemies in mid-air to make combos. [5319]
Eridani Eridani Eridani : Control ships, explore space, build stations and conquer! [2555]
Traffic Slam Traffic Slam Traffic Slam : By creating mass chaos and damage by building up enough speed, hit the intersection with a big bang! [7469]
Othello Othello Othello : This is called reversi in most parts of the world. Change the computer's black pieces to white and in the end, the player with more pieces would win. Author: dbeja [3684]
Angry Flappy Wings Angry Flappy Wings Angry Flappy Wings : The adventure of an angry flappy bird, the flappy bird spinoff. [2908]
Ongaku Ongaku Ongaku : A rhythm game that offers an alternative to button bashing typical in this genre, instead offering a unique mechanic in this musical, fantasy-themed, rhythmic extravaganza! [3873]
HRmageddon HRmageddon HRmageddon : The office becomes a battlefield! Attack fellow colleagues to conquer the whole premises. [3341]


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