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Star Bash [Tamugaia] Star Bash [Tamugaia] Star Bash [Tamugaia] : With 4 weapons and a rocket pack, defend Earth from aliens that threaten to destroy the planet. Blast them all! [4345]
Avatarcoder by Tamugaia Avatarcoder by Tamugaia Avatarcoder by Tamugaia : Avatarcoder lets you create your own cartoon avatar to be used on forums, message boards, instant-messaging and social sites like Facebook! [2488]
Claytus Hood Tower Defense Claytus Hood Tower Defense Claytus Hood Tower Defense : The animals are coming! They will destroy your farm unless you defend it at all costs! [2087]
Rotor Storm Rotor Storm Rotor Storm : A great and nice-looking helicopter battle Unity 3D game! Enter the world of Rotor Storm. [2421]
Steady Hands Steady Hands Steady Hands : Steady Hands is An arcade mouse avoider puzzle flash game. You need to have a good mouse for this! [1752]
Heros Adventure Heros Adventure Heros Adventure : A pokemon style RPG with pixelated graphics, rooms, critters, battle and all. [2189]
Rhino Rush Rhino Rush Rhino Rush : 3D adventure Rhino platform game. Cute 3D characters in Unity 3D! [2878]
Resort Empire Resort Empire Resort Empire : Can you build the biggest baddest greatest Resort the world has ever seen? [1445]
Monster Invasion Monster Invasion Monster Invasion : Save the city by preventing the invasion of the monsters!! [4333]
Building Blaster Building Blaster Building Blaster : A flash puzzle game with highscore mode, involving the blasting and bombing of buildings. It doesn't get more fun than this! [2496]


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