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Castaway Castaway Castaway : Adventure flash game - Castaway - can you survive and fight together with your pet? [2025]
Watermelon Bomb Watermelon Bomb Watermelon Bomb : Who would think to put bombs in fruits? This time-waster is surely fun. Watermelon Bomb! [2124]
Traffic Slam 2 Traffic Slam 2 Traffic Slam 2 : Lots of cool 3D cars in this Unity 3D racing game. This one is a great game! [3466]
Tamugaia Games Tamugaia Games Tamugaia Games : You can find links to lots of flash games on Tamugaia.com but some games are made by me. This page will mainly showcase Tamugaia flash games. [492744]
Super Robot Advance Super Robot Advance Super Robot Advance : The flash game of the Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go. I never really liked the show, but the flash game is kinda fun! [4680]
Remote Control Remote Control Remote Control : Using the remote, change the TV channel and see what kind of naughty channels are available. But, be careful not to get caught! [3794]
Obama Skeet Shooting Obama Skeet Shooting Obama Skeet Shooting : The white house is under attack! Obama himself comes out to defend it. [2581]
Cloud Wars: Snowfall Cloud Wars: Snowfall Cloud Wars: Snowfall : Strategy game based on clouds. Clouds have faces and emotions. Attack! [2801]
Dice Mogul Dice Mogul Dice Mogul : Play against 3 computer opponents as you race around a circular game board buying everything in sight, then building houses, hotels, or landmarks to get the most money out of whoever lands on them. [3420]
Pinball Zuma Pinball Zuma Pinball Zuma : Do you like Zuma? Do you like Pinball? Well, this is Zuma Pinball! [2680]


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