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Evolution Evolution Evolution : Your objective in this game is to grow beetles, breed them and produce as many beetles as possible! [2908]
Ritas Wildlife Refuge Ritas Wildlife Refuge Ritas Wildlife Refuge : Management strategy game by Shockwave. It is like Transport Tycoon, just that you manage a wildlife safary! [2566]
Battle Punks Battle Punks Battle Punks : Battle Punks is presented to you in full 3D in flash! [2581]
Providence Providence Providence : Cool Gundam-style shmup side shooter game. The Mechas in this game are just awesome. [2272]
Snoring Snoring Snoring : The damn elephant just keeps snoring. It is time to wake him up! [2071]
Muscle Cars 2 Muscle Cars 2 Muscle Cars 2 : Retro style racing flash game! Lots of cars with different colors to choose from. [2485]
Time Hammer Time Hammer Time Hammer : A mix of RPG and adventure. Little guys going on a quest. Sort of like Breath of Fire. [2454]
Revenge of the Stickman Revenge of the Stickman Revenge of the Stickman : Stop the rebellion of stickmen before it takes holkd across the world. You need to be smart and fast to play this... Author: Free World Group [4354]
Experimental Shooter Experimental Shooter Experimental Shooter : Experimental Shooter is a multi-directional shooting game. No planes, or tanks and stuff. Just dots! [721]
Syrup Factory Syrup Factory Syrup Factory : A Puzzle flash game like 7 Wonders or something like that. You know, I usually do not give a damn about games like this... that is until I start playing them. They are usually so addicting that I just cannot stop! Especially this one. [2409]


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