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The Stupid Test 3 The Stupid Test 3 The Stupid Test 3 : The Stupid Test 3 is a free online test that you can take to find out the stupidity level... wait, this is a flash game... stupid me! [2919]
Sniper Year One Sniper Year One Sniper Year One : A tactical strategy sniper game that features the fun of strategizing a way to take out enemies fast! [1695]
Warp Paris Hilton Warp Paris Hilton Warp Paris Hilton : Time to destroy Paris Hilton`s face! You can do this in little flash game. Have fun! [2761]
Power Pinball Power Pinball Power Pinball : Power Pinball, one of the rare flash games where you get to unlock all the mysteries of the jungle to lead you to a place in the highscores. [2476]
Art of War - El Alamein Art of War - El Alamein Art of War - El Alamein : You are on a mission to go to El Alamein. But on your way, you will encounter lots of enemies on trucks! [6857]
Drago Adventure Drago Adventure Drago Adventure : When cute dragons take over the stage, we have a platform flash game Drago Adventure! [2634]
Super Spider Super Spider Super Spider : The insects are sick of being eatan so they decided to team up and attack the spiders. Its time for the super spider to nuke some six legged ass in a bizarre alternative to astriods. Just replace the ship with a spider , the asteroids with bugs and the puny laser with some NUCLEAR WEAPONRYA superb game by Dizimz. [4114]
Isis Isis Isis : A young woman named isis discovered that she has a talent that enables her to speak to the dead. [2244]
Red Crudible 2 Red Crudible 2 Red Crudible 2 : A great Unity FPS, Red Crudible 2, lets you destroy enemies with high tech weapons. [2466]
CoverFire CoverFire CoverFire : Basic retro game called coverfire. This one uses HTML5 Canvas. [1535]


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