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Santa´s Vengeance [Tamugaia] Santa´s Vengeance [Tamugaia] Santa´s Vengeance [Tamugaia] : Play as the all-new Bad-Ass Santa and kill those Grinchies! [3382]
Superbike Nation Superbike Nation Superbike Nation : Ride your bike across the nation in Superbike Nation! Make sure you do not fall off and make sure you win. [3369]
Isis Isis Isis : A young woman named isis discovered that she has a talent that enables her to speak to the dead. [2826]
Bazookity Bazookity Bazookity : Very cool kitty action shooter game. Bazookity! Shoot stuff with your bazooka! [3741]
Prehistoric Prehistoric Prehistoric : You are a dinosaur in a prehistoric time, with great strength and ability. Your species is rare, and it is up to you to collect enough eggs to continue your existance!Author: True Darkness [3616]
Animal Kingdom Quiz Animal Kingdom Quiz Animal Kingdom Quiz : Guess the animals in the animal kingdom, a puzzle full of beasts. [2506]
Heavy Metal Girl Heavy Metal Girl Heavy Metal Girl : You play as a girl with a super cool electric guitar that can exterminate aliens! [3031]
Kaiju Monster Kaiju Monster Kaiju Monster : A great Unity 3D Ultraman-style game. Defeat all monsters that threaten the city! [2332]
Plop Plop [TAMUGAIA] Plop Plop [TAMUGAIA] Plop Plop [TAMUGAIA] : A game with a whole storyline to go with. Cushy is kidnapped and you need to get him back! [4698]
Math Lines Math Lines Math Lines : It is Zuma-style again, except that this time, Math is involved. [1973]


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