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Aevarrian Coliseum 2 Movelist

Every fighter in this flash fighting game will have their own key combinations to perform their special moves, much like other fighting games. The keys can be found below:

(F)=Finishing Move, can only be performed when your power bar is x1 or more.

Rising Pillars DFP
Dragana Hand FFP
Dohn Slash BBK
(F) Dragana Spirit FFFBP

Somersault Kick FBK
Linear X BFFK
Combo Number 3 DFP
(F) Condor Dive DDDP

[Eric Wing]
Wing Blast BFP
Aura Kick BBFK
Falling Light DBFP
(F) Wing's Lecacy FDBDFP

[Arrow Avenger]
Arrow Bomb DFP
Lightning Arrow FFFK
Arrow Blast DFDFK
(F) Arrow Wave DDBDBP

[Princess Aen]
Aen Special Blast DFP
Aen Special Dash BBFP
Aen Fireworks DBFK
(F) Aen Aurabomb BDFDBP
(F) Aen Skystrikes BFDDDK

Ax Chops BDFP
Rising Ax FDFP
Orc Bolts DBFFK
(F) Bloodlust Combo BBFFDP

Lightning strike BFBFP
Fireball DFP
Auto Heal DBK
(F) Flamethrower BBDFFP
(F) Omega Twister BBFBFK

[Gor Khan]
Ground Wave DDK
Ogre Hug FFFP
The big fart DFFDP
(F) Ogrespin BFBFP

Tongfer strikes FFP
Tongfer Uppercut FDFP
Linear Y FFBP
Strikedown DBFK
(F) Isaarazor DDFFK

[Sir Fitz]
Air Blades DBP
Gigant Sword DFP
Void of Death BBFK
(F) Fitz Blast BBFFK

[Von Vanguard]
Von Slash 1 DFP
Von Slash 2 FDP
Von Slashup BDFP
Vanguard Firebomb BFK
(F) Infinity Light BBFFK
(F) Vanguard Triangle FDBDFK

Aevarrian Coliseum 2 Secret

If you hold down the ~ key when clicking Quit&Lose, you will Quit&Win instead. This doesn't work on Gauntlet mode though. And this takes away a lot of fun too.

There is also a 12th character...

Aevarria, the medieval online flash game and storyline, is a creation of Josh Tam(ugaia).