Adspace For Sale On Tamugaia

I am starting to sell advertising space right here on so if you are interested to get some exposure right here, please read on...
Adspace For Sale On Tamugaia
I am selling advertising space on Tamugaia and I am selling them cheap, on a monthly basis. I primarily sell text links. Well, please note that in this case, I do not deal with adspace brokers. I sell directly to you. I do not use Javascripts. I insert the html text links that are NOT nofollow links. By default, the link will NOT be sitewide unless you want it to be.

Benefits: You will get publicity, exposure, interested traffic and most importantly a one-way backlink.

You can tell me how and where you would want the link to be placed, as well as maybe some introduction to your website. Or maybe you have some graphics instead? I can tell you which pages get which kind and quantity of traffic, so you can decide on which page you want your text link to be placed.

This offer maybe limited and in future I may decide to cancel or increase the prices of the advertising space. So drop me and email and contact me and we can work it out.

Email me at: josh.tamugaia [-at-] gmail [-dot-] com

And give me the following details:
1. Website Link Anchor Text
2. Destination URL
3. Description of your website or landing page (endorsement)
4. What type of site and how much exposure you want, so I know which page to put your link on.
5. What page on Tamugaia that you want your link on, assuming you skip #4.
6. The positioning of your link on the Tamugaia page. Note that links on the right hand side will be sitewide.

4, 5 and 6 will determine the pricing of the text link.
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Posted on 2009-03-28 [Sat] 05:47 with 5775 hits
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