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Transformers: Rise of the Beasts TrailerTransformers: Rise of the Beasts Trailer : When Hollywood transformers decides to add in a dash of Beast Wars into it... Posted by: [joshT] on 2023-05-21 [Sun] 02:50 with 4623 hits
Michelle Yeoh Best Fight ScenesMichelle Yeoh Best Fight Scenes : Watch the Malaysian bombshell Michelle Yeoh kicking ass in her Best Fight Scenes compilation.Posted by: [joshT] on 2023-03-04 [Sat] 05:08 with 703 hits
Dragon Ball Super Goku Vs HitDragon Ball Super Goku Vs Hit : How would Goku match up against Hit? Watch this fight on Dragonball Super! Posted by: [joshT] on 2023-01-27 [Fri] 21:39 with 539 hits
Saint Seiya Knights of the ZodiacSaint Seiya Knights of the Zodiac : A bunch of armored knights using zodiac power to fight in the war against evil!Posted by: [joshT] on 2023-01-20 [Fri] 21:48 with 778 hits
Overwatch KirikoOverwatch Kiriko : Kiriko is the newest waifu hero of the game Overwatch created by Blizzard!Posted by: [joshT] on 2022-10-01 [Sat] 03:59 with 975 hits
Spiderman JapanSpiderman Japan : Japanese Spiderman! Well, he is confirmed for Spiderverse 2 in 2022. Posted by: [joshT] on 2022-07-09 [Sat] 10:35 with 933 hits
Spiderman No Way Home TrailerSpiderman No Way Home Trailer : This time Spiderman has no way home! He cannot find a way... Because villains from many universes arrive! Posted by: [joshT] on 2022-07-02 [Sat] 08:03 with 1930 hits
Spiderman Far From Home TrailerSpiderman Far From Home Trailer : The Spiderman Far From Home Trailer! Watch as Tom Holland has no choice but to battle Mysterio! Posted by: [joshT] on 2022-06-24 [Fri] 23:50 with 853 hits
Zenkaiger OpeningZenkaiger Opening : Zenkaiger, the 2021 super sentai! Very unique with non human fighters...Posted by: [joshT] on 2022-05-21 [Sat] 12:19 with 1001 hits
Sexy Superheroine versus MonsterSexy Superheroine versus Monster : Jill Valentine, the Sexy Superheroine, dukes it out with an ugly Monster.Posted by: [joshT] on 2022-04-09 [Sat] 11:45 with 4349 hits
Best Taekwondo KicksBest Taekwondo Kicks : All the action, all the kicks. A superb display of Taekwondo kicking skill.Posted by: [joshT] on 2022-02-18 [Fri] 22:08 with 1468 hits
Giant Bullfrog vs 200 CricketsGiant Bullfrog vs 200 Crickets : Let us see how many crickets this giant frog can devour! Feeding time.Posted by: [joshT] on 2021-11-13 [Sat] 07:32 with 995 hits
Wrecking Ball DemolitionWrecking Ball Demolition : Wrecking Ball Demolition, is this a type of satisfying video? Probably! Posted by: [joshT] on 2021-09-25 [Sat] 00:07 with 1213 hits
Supergirl Action SceneSupergirl Action Scene : Action Leo with a good action sequence featuring Supergirl. Cool Special effects too! Posted by: [joshT] on 2021-07-17 [Sat] 16:40 with 2186 hits
Demons Souls TrailerDemons Souls Trailer : From the makers of Assassins Creed, comes Demons Souls Remake, a wonderful realistic action game! Posted by: [joshT] on 2021-04-17 [Sat] 16:38 with 1569 hits
Final Fantasy 16 - Official Reveal TrailerFinal Fantasy 16 - Official Reveal Trailer : The long-awaited Final Fantasy 16 trailer has arrived. Stunning visuals, mouth-watering gameplay. Posted by: [joshT] on 2021-03-27 [Sat] 15:19 with 1826 hits
Heaven Sword Dragon Sabre 2019 IntroHeaven Sword Dragon Sabre 2019 Intro : The Chinese Legend comes back in this newer version of Heaven Sword vs Dragon Sabre!Posted by: [joshT] on 2021-02-27 [Sat] 09:03 with 2664 hits
Russian Girl FighterRussian Girl Fighter : When you meet a girl and she is Russian and knows how to fight...Posted by: [joshT] on 2020-12-05 [Sat] 08:33 with 2881 hits
Top 10 Anime Fights 2019Top 10 Anime Fights 2019 : 2019 has a whole host of high quality anime fights! Let us enjoy this Top 10 montage.Posted by: [joshT] on 2020-11-07 [Sat] 14:48 with 2482 hits
DEM Sci Fi AdventureDEM Sci Fi Adventure : A girl gets hunted by 3 guys and she has to find a way to escape this predicament.Posted by: [joshT] on 2020-08-07 [Fri] 15:44 with 3776 hits
Bruce Lee Nunchuck SkillBruce Lee Nunchuck Skill : Behold the amazing Nunchuck skills of the late great legendary Bruce Lee! He can fight light no other... Posted by: [joshT] on 2019-12-14 [Sat] 11:28 with 3904 hits
Apex Legends IntroApex Legends Intro : Apex Legends has a somewhat action-packed intro. Hollywood feel. Posted by: [joshT] on 2019-09-14 [Sat] 02:47 with 3072 hits
Bruce Lee vs Chuck NorrisBruce Lee vs Chuck Norris : This is from a very old movie, but still a legend. Bruce Lee defeats Chuck fair and square. Posted by: [joshT] on 2019-08-16 [Fri] 02:21 with 4932 hits
Avengers 4: Endgame Trailer 2Avengers 4: Endgame Trailer 2 : After Thanos wiped out half of the universe, the Avengers who are still standing are doing what they promised to do, avenge. Posted by: [joshT] on 2019-08-08 [Thu] 00:36 with 2067 hits
Into the Badlands Best Fight ScenesInto the Badlands Best Fight Scenes : Behold the best fight scenes from the martial arts action drama Into the Badlands!Posted by: [joshT] on 2019-06-26 [Wed] 02:02 with 1909 hits
The Legend of WolfThe Legend of Wolf : Donnie Yen stars in this action movie Legend of Wolf! But this was back when he was young. Posted by: [joshT] on 2019-06-13 [Thu] 15:16 with 3137 hits
Overwatch McCree ReunionOverwatch McCree Reunion : Welcome to the futuristic wild west. Cowboy McCree meets his ex Ashe and they duel! Posted by: [joshT] on 2019-03-16 [Sat] 01:12 with 2064 hits
Tank Battle SimulationTank Battle Simulation : 2 different factions of tanks duke it out in this Tank battle simulation! Who will win??Posted by: [joshT] on 2019-03-12 [Tue] 01:05 with 1839 hits
Super Robot Wars X Ending BlowsSuper Robot Wars X Ending Blows : Super Robot Wars, one of the most awesome anime mecha games in existence! See how Super Robot Wars X ups the games. Posted by: [joshT] on 2019-01-02 [Wed] 00:56 with 1579 hits
Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 : The new Dragon Ball series after Dragon Ball Super! Episode 1 of Super Dragon Ball Heroes. Posted by: [joshT] on 2018-10-20 [Sat] 10:48 with 2089 hits
Super Mario Plays OverwatchSuper Mario Plays Overwatch : Let us see if Super Mario can make it in Overwatch. Is he going to become toxic??Posted by: [joshT] on 2018-09-23 [Sun] 01:28 with 2236 hits
He-Man Teaser Fan MadeHe-Man Teaser Fan Made : This is an awesome He-Man Teaser which is Fan Made. But it looks really like a Hollywood blockbuster. Posted by: [joshT] on 2018-08-01 [Wed] 22:40 with 1535 hits
WebDiver Opening 2 So DiveWebDiver Opening 2 So Dive : WebDiver Opening 2 So Dive! Sung by RAM. One of the coolest robot anime openings. Posted by: [joshT] on 2018-07-28 [Sat] 21:03 with 1876 hits
16 Upcoming DC Movies16 Upcoming DC Movies : 16 Upcoming DC Movies! Some have already been released. Some have not. Posted by: [joshT] on 2018-07-28 [Sat] 01:11 with 1605 hits
Thundercats Intro 2011Thundercats Intro 2011 : The anime-style Thundercats 2011 remake intro! Very different compared to the original, but still very cool! Posted by: [joshT] on 2018-07-12 [Thu] 21:40 with 1289 hits
The Untold Truth Of HighlanderThe Untold Truth Of Highlander : What is the true untold truth of the Highlander series?? And the Queens? Posted by: [joshT] on 2018-06-22 [Fri] 21:23 with 1824 hits
Silverhawk OpeningSilverhawk Opening : Silverhawk is an awesomely-animated retro cartoon from the 20th century. Watch it!! Posted by: [joshT] on 2018-05-22 [Tue] 22:05 with 1310 hits
Voltron Force IntroVoltron Force Intro : Voltron Force, the new version of animated Voltron cartoon from the past! Posted by: [joshT] on 2018-05-07 [Mon] 22:11 with 1336 hits
Hulk vs WolverineHulk vs Wolverine : Who would win when the Incredible Hulk fights The Wolverine? My money is on the green big guy but you never know... Posted by: [joshT] on 2018-04-17 [Tue] 22:01 with 1436 hits
Overwatch DragonsOverwatch Dragons : Hanzo and Genji duke it out in Overwatch Dragons!! 3D Animated short movie by BlizzardPosted by: [joshT] on 2018-04-15 [Sun] 21:14 with 1995 hits
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