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This page contains information about Tamugaia : Internet Fun - Official site of Josh Tam.
About Tamugaia
Tamugaia.com is the official site of Josh Tamugaia. This is where I post my flash games, flash movies and other fun content. Tamugaia.com is a site that contains info and links to flash games and movies on the Internet. Therefore, here you can also find Tamugaia's very own flash games and movies.

Tamugaia.com is NOT a leech site, which means that it does not steal content from other sites and host them here without permission. Unlike other leeching sites that steal flash files to host on their own sites, Tamugaia.com only has links to the good flash content. When I see a good flash and decide to have it on Tamugaia.com, I only post a written preview of the game and add a link to the site where I found it.

I strongly believe in the positiveness of decently made flash content. A flash game or movie that is decently made (playable, usable, pleasing to the eye, the maker put in effort) will definitely have positive qualities. It may not be as good as others and maybe reviewed as not enjoyable or boring but that all depends on how the viewer sees it. I believe every decent flash game/movie to be good in the sense that they provide FREE entertainment to Internet users even for a short while, as opposed to some others who see a very good flash title and still want to find the slightest fault possible and make it bad. Overall, I still think it is fun to play flash games, whether it be wrestling games, arcade games, strategy games or even multiplayer games.

Tamugaia.com has no rating system whatsoever because those can always throw some good flash into the shadows due to unfair voting or manipulation. Everyone deserves to see everything and every flash author who put in considerable talent and effort deserves to have audience to his/her hard work.

Be sure to check out the site and send me a message! If you are a fan (of the Tamugaia-made games), send me an email at josh_tamugaia[at]yahoo[dot]com . I would love to hear from you! And if you are a flash game/movie developer, we can exchange links and I can link to your work.

If you have anything to tell me, or you would like to exchange links, or you'd like to tell me to add a new game that you saw, just drop me a message....
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