A Bad New Year Start

I have been wishing people a Happy Chinese New Year (aka New Year based on Lunar Calendar, according to the moon) which falls on the 26th of January 2009. However, since that day, only bad things have happened to me...
A Bad New Year Start
Despite wishing people a Happy and prosperous Lunar New Year, I myself have been experiencing nothing but bad luck.

On the first day of the Lunar New Year, one of my big dependers bit me, the hand that has been feeding it. That depender is a big one. Lots of guys are supporting it financially and I am one of those guys. One supporter less means nothing to it, and it decided to cut me off of their system because of a small mistake that I made. Of course, I definitely feel sad and betrayed, but there ain't nothing I could do. This one is a big loss for me.

And then my abs. I made a mistake in my diet. I still eat healthy food but at the wrong ratio and as a result, my ab flabs came back... Now I believe I need one more month to get my ab muscles back.

My right leg socket is also giving me pain. Due to exercise and wrong posture, I kinda hurt that socket, so when I try to sit on the floor cross-legged, it hurts badly.

Another problem is with my right foot. It is now swollen. Probably due to a sprain during workout, or due to malnutrition from eating the wrong ratio of food. I suspect the former.

And from all this, I lost my mood to celebrate Chinese New Year and I still need to work on my game projects and college assignments. Something tells me that things are still gonna get worse, so what I need to do now is to brace myself for impact. This is gonna be a rough year of the ox ahead.

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Posted on 2009-01-27 [Tue] 22:03 with 6507 hits
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