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The internet news of 2019-09-25 on Tamugaia - Zenscrape, and AssessTEAM.
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Trump says he will release a transcript of call with Ukraine president - Trump has been under fire for the mid-summer call after a whistleblower complaint alleged the president may have made inappropriate comments on the call.... [ View ]

A mother's loss made her an anti-vaccination star. But vaccines didn't kill her baby. - Anti-vaccine advocates find women whose babies have died unexpectedly and convince them vaccines are to blame.... [ View ]

'Notable' Wisconsin inmate allegedly confesses to 'Making a Murderer' killing - Steven Avery and his nephew, Brendan Dassey, were convicted in the 2005 death, but have maintained their innocence.... [ View ]

'I need you. Hurry': Intimate texts between Amber Guyger, partner revealed at murder trial - The testimony of Guyger's former Dallas police partner, Martin Rivera, capped the end of the first day of her murder trial.... [ View ]

Venus may have been habitable for 3 billion years, before mysterious climate shift - It may be a hellish world now, but it's believed that Venus was once temperate, with shallow oceans on its surface.... [ View ]

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