Your Paycheck and the Ta, Garth Brooks to Help Heal Nashville With Benefit Concert and other World news

The world news of 2010-12-18 on Tamugaia - Your Paycheck and the Tax Cuts, and Garth Brooks to Help Heal Nashville With Benefit Concert.
Your Paycheck and the Tax Cuts - ... [ View ]

Garth Brooks to Help Heal Nashville With Benefit Concert - ... [ View ]

Jon Stewart Fights Republicans on Opposition to 9/11 First Responder Bill - ... [ View ]

Good News For Madoff Victims: $7.2 Billion Recovered - ... [ View ]

Tax Cuts Headed for Obama's Desk - ... [ View ]

Kosovo's Organized Crime Burden - Organized crime permeates the power structure in Kosovo, with crime and drug trafficking spilling out into the surrounding region. International security forces have been ineffective in lending a hand.... [ View ]

Captain Beefheart dies age 69 - ... [ View ]

Barack Obama signs $858 billion tax bill compromise - President Barack Obama signed into law on Friday a massive tax package that frayed his relations with liberals, caused him to abandon a pledge not to extend tax cuts to the rich and heralded a new balance... [ View ]

141 inmates walk out of Mexico prison - A state government official said Friday a final count found that 141 inmates had escaped a prison near the U.S. border — and that the prison director had vanished as well.... [ View ]

Stockholm bomber denounced by father-in-law - The father-in-law of the Stockholm suicide bomber on Friday denounced the 28-year-old attacker as a brainwashed terrorist who rejected "all the good" that Sweden gave him.... [ View ]

CIA pulls top spy from Pakistan amid threats - The CIA has pulled its top spy out of Pakistan after his identity was revealed and terrorists threatened to kill him, current and former U.S. officials said.... [ View ]

Obama Signs Unpopular Tax Cut Bill, Adds To Record Deficit - President Obama signed a tax bill today (Friday) that extends tax breaks for the rich as well as reducing estate taxes. Obama insisted that he was being held hostage by the rich, and that without the agre... [ View ]

US drone attacks kills 60 including innocent citizens in Pakistan - At least 60 people have been killed in a series of US drone attacks in past 24 hours in Khyber Agency of Pakistan, according to the security official. In three separate strikes in Sipah and Nakai area of... [ View ]

Kosovo Elections Shaded By Fraud Allegations - The European Union’s observers of parliamentary elections in Kosovo stated they have received “serious allegations of fraud” in two of 37 Kosovo districts. Allege... [ View ]

Merry Christmas in various languages - It is only eight days to Christmas Day from where I am today. This day, which is known by believers of Jesus Christ, is the day He was born. Hold it, I am not here to debate the veracity of...... [ View ]

Venezuela lawmakers give Chavez power to govern by decree - ... [ View ]

N. Korea warns Seoul against war games near flash point - ... [ View ]

U.N. urges Gbagbo to step down - ... [ View ]

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