You will KNEEL before Do, Hasbro figures successfully bridge mobile, real-world play and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2013-10-26 on Tamugaia - You will KNEEL before Doom!, and Hasbro figures successfully bridge mobile, real-world play.
You will KNEEL before Doom! - Doctor Doom, the greatest villain that the world has ever known. And now only four feet tall.... [ View ]

Hasbro figures successfully bridge mobile, real-world play - Hasbro has sold one million Telepods figures allowing kids to blend the physical and virtual by teleporting real-life figures into mobile applications.... [ View ]

In Other News – 25 August Weekend Edition - Ah weekend my old friend, we meet again. Time to sit back, relax and play a game that involves punching/kicking/stabbing/shooting/driving a car/ exploding someone’s face. Have a good one everybody! In Ot... [ View ]

The Batman Arkham Origins Files – The Joker - The Joker is a force of chaos that cannot be contained nor stopped. It’s time to learn about the most dangerous foe that the Batman has ever faced.... [ View ]

News: FIFA 14 gets new Xbox One and PS4 gameplay trailer - ... [ View ]

Video: FIFA 14: FIFA 14 is Alive OfficialPS4 and Xbox One Gameplay Trailer - ... [ View ]

Screenshots: The Activision Decathlon (iPhone) - ... [ View ]

Star Wars: Battlefront 3 Weekly: Episode 12 - What we want from the story mode - This week, Greg and Lorenzo dig into how DICE should handle the single player story campaign in the new Battlefront. Check out episode 12 of Star Wars... [ View ]

DualShock 4 unboxing and high-res pictures of the PS4 controller - ... [ View ]

RadioRadar podcast 061: Let's get depressing - We get a DualShock 4 in office and got real... [ View ]

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