Woman takes unexploded s, Astronomers detect very bright radio emission and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2018-07-12 on Tamugaia - Woman takes unexploded shell through airport, and Astronomers detect very bright radio emission.
Woman takes unexploded shell through airport - The 24-year-old had discovered the unexploded World War II tank artillery shell while she was out hiking. The incident, which occurred at Vienna Inter...... [ View ]

Astronomers detect very bright radio emission - Originating deep in the universe, the radio blast is from a quasar - the luminous active nucleus of a distant galaxy. Scientists believe that this int...... [ View ]

Eerie space sounds recorded around Saturn - Back in 2017, Cassini picked up the sounds of plasma waves travelling between Saturn and Enceladus. The otherworldly whooshing, whistling noise is the...... [ View ]

Israel to send unmanned probe to the Moon - Set to launch in December, the lander will touch down on the lunar surface in February of next year. Announced earlier today, the project originally s...... [ View ]

Strange Noises And Movements? Continued (part Three, Update - ... [ View ]

Being Watched Since Birth - I was born on Friday the 13th. It all started when I was a young child. I spent my infancy until 2nd grade in a big old mansion. My parents moved there when I was born. My mom tells me that the second we m... [ View ]

Various "happenings" - ... [ View ]

My Experiences Throughout My Childhood - ... [ View ]

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