Woman In White Walking T, Incubus And Maybe Something Else and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2011-03-05 on Tamugaia - Woman In White Walking Train Tracks, and Incubus And Maybe Something Else.
Woman In White Walking Train Tracks - ... [ View ]

Incubus And Maybe Something Else - ... [ View ]

Self-Powered UFO LED Lantern Torch Ideal Gift NEW - Most popular ufo eBay auctions: Related External Links What do you get for an engagement gift for someone who's been … Todays ideal answers with regard to those that smoke is actually … Gre... [ View ]

Reserve deputy terminated for investigating UFOs - Chuck Zukowki (image credit: Alejandro Rojas) On February 11, 2011 two deputies went to the home of Chuck Zukowski to relieve him of his badge, gun and ID, handing him a termination letter ending his eight... [ View ]

Orb moving in a figure 8 pattern in the middle of the woods, seemed close, calming effect. - I was in high school, either a freshman or sophomore. I lived in a highly wooded area, about 24 acres, but in the city, still no lights were visible. Only radio towers and sometimes a house light in the fa... [ View ]

UFO documents released by National Archives - The National Archives have released thousands of files documenting UFO encounters in Britain. ufo – Yahoo! Search Results Related External Links Archives of Caspian XI – The Crow Diaries: Crow... [ View ]

Visionary Edge ‘wakes up’ – Half Moon Bay Review - ... [ View ]

Loch Ness Monster on Spore - ... [ View ]

Alien Abduction: Don’t Stop Believin’ Pt. 1 - ... [ View ]

Coast to Coast Am Oct 06 2010 pt1.wmv - ... [ View ]

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