Wolves Have Escaped From, Woman Found Alive and Wearing Same Clothes 1.5 Years After Drowning and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2018-07-04 on Tamugaia - Wolves Have Escaped From the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, and Woman Found Alive and Wearing Same Clothes 1.5 Years After Drowning.
Wolves Have Escaped From the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone - Wolves have it tough. They’re despised by shepherds and ranchers, fairy-tale readers and werewolf believers – making humans their only true natural enemy. While tales of their attacks on humans and liv... [ View ]

Woman Found Alive and Wearing Same Clothes 1.5 Years After Drowning - There are dramatic discoveries of missing people, like the announcement today that 12 young soccer players and their coach were found alive 10 days after disappearing in a cave system in Northern Thailand.... [ View ]

Airbus Just Sent Its A.I. Robot CIMON to the International Space Station - When we think about the future of space travel, it’s hard not to imagine futuristic spacecraft and technologies that, like Arthur C. Clarke once mused, would seem “indistinguishable from magic” to th... [ View ]

18.01 – MU Plus+ Podcast - On this first episode of a new season of Mysterious Universe Plus+ we dive into the legend of Okiku’s well and the take a look at the strange force that seems to be protecting Japan’s Himeji Ca... [ View ]

China Announces Deadly Portable Laser Weapons - While Elon Musk is using some of his non-Mars-destined billions to build flamethrowers for home use , the Chinese military is working on portable laser weapons about the same size as Elon’s “Not a Flam... [ View ]

Horse Riding School Ghost - I always loved horses, I ride horses since I was six. I used to spend most of my summer holidays at the horse riding centre of my village (lost in the countryside) with two of my best friends at the time t... [ View ]

The Repeating Nightmare - ... [ View ]

College Glimpse - ... [ View ]

Veterans Put On Skull Masks, March to Expose Epidemic of VA Abuse and Veteran Suicide - Activist Post By Matt Agorist New Orleans, LA — Veterans from all over the United States gathered in front of the New Orleans VA hospital Sunday morning for a march to raise awareness for the epidemic... [ View ]

This month’s ‘blood moon’ eclipse to be the longest of the century - RT News Lunar lovers, rejoice. The longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century is taking place this month, and will briefly turn the Moon an eerie shade of red. NASA explains the entire event will go on fo... [ View ]

The Housing Market: A Bigger Bubble Than 2008 Is Popping - Activist Post By Dave Kranzler The XHB homebuilder ETF is decisively below three key moving averages after it knifed below its 50 dma last week. KB Homes reported a big earnings and revenue “beat” on... [ View ]

US Plans to Deploy Its Upgraded Nuclear Bombs in Europe – Reports - Sputnik News 618 The US Congressional Budget Office has reported that the Pentagon plans to allocate about 25 billion dollars for the modernization of tactical nuclear forces in the next thirty years. The... [ View ]

The Digest: The UK Is Creating a Database of Citizens’ DNA and Other Biometrics - Futurism BIG BROTHER, UK EDITION. Four years ago, the United Kingdom’s Home Office (the department responsible for immigration, security, and law enforcement) proposed developing a national strategy... [ View ]

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