WizKids Previews Gladiat, TiRoBEx Available now and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2017-04-15 on Tamugaia - WizKids Previews Gladiator For HeroClix, and TiRoBEx Available now.
WizKids Previews Gladiator For HeroClix - Ah, comic books. You gotta love ’em. You can have a super villain who has titanium table saw blades strapped to the back of some gloves. Because why the hell not? This time around in their previews o... [ View ]

TiRoBEx Available now - No, TiRoBEx isn’t a new workout routine to help me lose some of this 110 stone I need to get rid of. It stands for Tiny Robots, Big Explosions, and it’s a miniatures wargame where you take cont... [ View ]

Dead Man’s Doubloons Board Game Up On Kickstarter - Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of rum! Actually, as a teetotaler, I don’t drink rum. So I’ll just have a virgin pina colada. *sips* Ah, refreshing and still takes me to the islands. But when you’... [ View ]

Burn Out Expansion for Eden Up On Kickstarter - Usually, having burn out for a game is considered a bad thing. But in the case of Eden, it’s a good thing. That’s because Burn Out is the name of their expansion for the game that’s up on... [ View ]

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