Why Trump Is Different--, The Clinton Scandals Will Never Stop and other World news

The world news of 2016-11-05 on Tamugaia - Why Trump Is Different--and Must Be Repelled, and The Clinton Scandals Will Never Stop.
Why Trump Is Different--and Must Be Repelled - Adam Gopnik, The New YorkerFor the past months, and into this final week, as for much of the past year, many New Yorkers have been in a position that recalls parents with a colicky baby: you put the baby... [ View ]

The Clinton Scandals Will Never Stop - Ed Rogers, Washington PostEvery president enters office with some baggage – from statements and positions that strained relationships with various voter groups to partisan views that alienated membe... [ View ]

Why Hillary Clinton Is the Only Choice to Keep America Great - Joe Klein, Time“It is the job of editorial writers,” the late, great Murray Kempton once observed, “to come down from the hills after the battle is over and shoot the wounded.” I&r... [ View ]

Are Catholic Voters Swinging to Trump? - John Allen, CruxOver and over again, public opinion polls have showed Hillary Clinton ahead with Catholic voters. Like everything else in this topsy-turvy election, however, that trend is less clear than... [ View ]

How the EU is tooling up for Brexit - ... [ View ]

Making sense of the Brexit ruling - ... [ View ]

Brexit going to happen, but 48% have a voice - ... [ View ]

Body Discovered Where Missing Woman Found Chained Up - Kala Brown, missing since August, was chained at the neck when she was found.... [ View ]

1 NYPD Sergeant Killed, 1 Wounded in the Bronx - The officers were in a confrontation with a robbery suspect.... [ View ]

2.8 Million Washing Machines Being Recalled Over Explosion Risk - There have been more than 730 reports of exploding machines, the CPSC said.... [ View ]

Ex-Christie Aides Found Guilty in Bridgegate Trial - The jury has been hearing testimonies for the past six weeks.... [ View ]

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