Why Obama & Romney W, Romney's Roads to White House and other World news

The world news of 2012-05-24 on Tamugaia - Why Obama & Romney Want To Talk About Bain, and Romney's Roads to White House.
Why Obama & Romney Want To Talk About Bain - Ezra Klein, BloombergWhy are we talking about Bain Capital again?The answer, it seems, is that the two presidential campaigns want it that way. The Romney campaign wants us talking about Bain Capital LLC... [ View ]

Romney's Roads to White House - Karl Rove, Wall Street JournalOn Tuesday, Gallup's seven-day tracking poll had Barack Obama and Mitt Romney tied at 46%. With the incumbent stuck below 50% on the ballot and Mr. Romney's favorab... [ View ]

Nightmare Charts for the GOP - Charles Blow, New York TimesI love this moment in the political season because the polls pour in and invariably something tucked in among the questions catches my eye but doesn’t grab the headli... [ View ]

Elizabeth Warren's Identity Politics - George Will, Washington PostBlond, blue-eyed Elizabeth Warren, the Senate candidate in Massachusetts and Harvard professor who cites “family lore” that she is 1/32nd Cherokee, was indu... [ View ]

Why Tuesday's Democratic Primaries Matter - Sean Trende, RCPTuesday night, President Obama continued his streak of poor primary performances in culturally Southern states. He received 58.4 percent of the vote in the Arkansas Democratic primary agai... [ View ]

Russia: Shield-proof missile test-fired - ... [ View ]

More Secret Service incidents revealed - ... [ View ]

Ghonim: Next prez will be "accountable" - ... [ View ]

Traffic jam at Everest "death zone" - ... [ View ]

Breivik Trial: More Survivors To Relive Attack - The trial of Anders Behring Breivik is continuing, with more survivors of the terror attack due to give evidence in court.... [ View ]

Four Hurt In Blaze On Docked Nuclear Sub - Four people have been injured after a fire broke out on a nuclear-powered submarine at a US Navy shipyard.... [ View ]

Euro Summit: PM Angry At Failure To Agree - A summit of European leaders has ended without clear agreement on how best to restore confidence in the euro, despite pleas from the British PM to get a grip on the crisis.... [ View ]

Human rights still lacking in Papua - 3:55 PM... [ View ]

Corby may be allowed out on day release - 3:01 PM... [ View ]

Egypt votes on second day of landmark poll - 2:50 PM... [ View ]

Bear attacks Canadian man on toilet - 2:30 PM... [ View ]

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