Why Is NASA and Google H, Paracelsus, Nature Spirits and Faeries and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2019-12-03 on Tamugaia - Why Is NASA and Google Hiding This From You? 2019-2020 [VIDEO], and Paracelsus, Nature Spirits and Faeries.
Why Is NASA and Google Hiding This From You? 2019-2020 [VIDEO] - ... [ View ]

Paracelsus, Nature Spirits and Faeries - Dead but Dreaming There is a long tradition of metaphysical entities becoming manifest in our consensus reality as distinctive attributes of nature. They interact with the material world but they are neve... [ View ]

Medicinal Mushrooms Cut Herpes Suffering Time in Half - Green Med Info The herpes virus afflicts millions of people worldwide, causing painful blister-like sores that are often embarrassing. There is no known cure, and medications have a long list of potential... [ View ]

Man Who Sat Closest To D.B. Cooper On Infamous Flight Finally Shares His Story - Mysterious Universe It was 48 years on November 24th since D.B. Cooper (he used the name Dan Cooper but was mistakenly called D.B. by reporters) boarded and hijacked a Northwest Orient flight that was h... [ View ]

Prince Andrew: why meeting with US authorities would be a ‘catch-22’ - The Guardian As the fallout from Prince Andrew’s friendship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein continues, questions have surfaced about whether the royal might face legal trouble. Andrew’s d... [ View ]

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