Why Is China Pouring Mon, El Salvador Legislative Assembly Declares “Forests Are Living Entities” and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2019-06-13 on Tamugaia - Why Is China Pouring Money Into The Arctic? [VIDEO], and El Salvador Legislative Assembly Declares “Forests Are Living Entities”.
Why Is China Pouring Money Into The Arctic? [VIDEO] -  ... [ View ]

El Salvador Legislative Assembly Declares “Forests Are Living Entities” - Earth First Journal Ahuachapán, El Salvador – On June 5, on World Environment Day, the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador approved a pronouncement deeming that “forests are living entities.” The p... [ View ]

How the Matrix Mind has Infiltrated the Spiritual Community [VIDEO] - ... [ View ]

Real Triangle UFO (TR-3B) Caught on Film 2019 & Why MSM acknowledges UFOs [VIDEO] - ... [ View ]

TGR 06.10.19. The Search for Dennis Lloyd Martin - ... [ View ]

Lost Nazi Bunker Holding Amber Room Treasures May Have Been Found in Poland - While real Nazis search for other things (perhaps they know something others don’t?), treasure hunters have spend decades looking for the precious metals, jewels and rare art looted by the Nazis as they... [ View ]

Strange Encounters with Road Demons in India - The roads and highways of our world can be creepy, scary, even downright terrifying places. These roads lead off into the night off to the horizon, concealing any weirdness or danger that lies out past the... [ View ]

Winged Monsters and Amazing Stories - Is it possible that, against all the odds, the presumed long-extinct pterosaurs of the Jurassic era are still with us? Did they survive extinction in some of the more remote and jungle-based environments?... [ View ]

Only Child Ever Born in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Gets a Glowing Health Report - “If people think she is a mutant, or has two heads, they are quite wrong. She is a lovely child who is absolutely healthy as far as we can see.” That’s not the kind of comment one would expect ab... [ View ]

Bedroom Encounters: Ghostly Black Dogs & Supernatural Wolves - Now and again I’ll find myself on the receiving end of a report in which the witness encounters a large, red-eyed black dog or a giant wolf staring at them while in bed or on the bed. And usually in... [ View ]

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