Why Cyprus Freaks Out Ru, Obama Vows to Stop Nuclear Iran and other World news

The world news of 2013-03-21 on Tamugaia - Why Cyprus Freaks Out Russians, and Obama Vows to Stop Nuclear Iran.
Why Cyprus Freaks Out Russians - ... [ View ]

Obama Vows to Stop Nuclear Iran - ... [ View ]

American Rapping Jihadist Target of $5M Bounty - ... [ View ]

North Korea Eyed in Cyber Attack - ... [ View ]

Museum to Showcase Contemporary Latin American Art - ... [ View ]

Transmissions from a Lone Star: Bolshoi Acid Attack: The Scandal Spreads - For somebody who’s not remotely interested in ballet, I’ve watched a lot of ballet. I acquired my experience by accident, after getting to know a Moscow bank executive in the early 2000s.... [ View ]

Russian Press - Behind the Headlines, March 20 - Kremlin to Keep an Eye on Nepotism/ Khodorkovsky Could Get Real Chance for Release/ Parliamentary Parties to Amend Draft Law on State Duma Elections... [ View ]

Russian Press at a Glance, Wednesday, March 20, 2013 - A brief look at what is in the Russian papers today... [ View ]

US Cannabis Capitalists Aim High With Legal Colorado Weed - The pungent scent of cannabis percolates through the car fumes in places along this busy commercial strip that locals call “The Green Mile” and “Reefer Row” – a reference to the dozen or so medic... [ View ]

View From the Global Tank: America’s Digital Worries Can Be Best Addressed Through International Cooperation - What is it that worries U.S. spymasters most these days? My bet is that it is America’s cyber security, or lack of it perhaps.... [ View ]

Watch: Search for Clues After State Official Shot on Doorstep - ... [ View ]

Possible Witness to Prison Chief Slaying - ... [ View ]

Watch: President Obama Makes 1st Presidential Trip to Israel - ... [ View ]

Minorities Unsafe in Pakistan - Extremist violence has been escalating in Pakistan, with minorities of all stripes being targeted. Even Islamic sects are not spared.... [ View ]

Australian Prime Minister Apologizes For Forced Adoption Policy - Tens of thousands of children are believed to have been taken from their parents, mostly unwed teenagers, from the late-1950s to the 1970s. An Australian Senate committee report issued last year urged the... [ View ]

Critics Wait To See How Pope Francis Deals With Sex Abuse Scandal - The new pontiff has no real record of speaking out about sexual abuse cases, though one prominent priest under his leadership was convicted in 2009 in Buenos Aires.... [ View ]

Recipes, Not Rockets: Cookbook Offers New Lens On Gaza - ... [ View ]

Australian PM calls leadership ballot - The Australian government has plunged into crisis with PM Julia Gillard caving in to building pressure and calling a leadership ballot of her ruling Labour party.... [ View ]

4 dead in Australian helicopter crash - Four members of a wedding party, one of them a child, have been killed after a helicopter on a charter flight crashed south of Sydney.... [ View ]

Venezuela cuts off talks with US - Venezuela says it has suspended a "channel of communications" with Washington as it ratchets up tension ahead of elections to replace the late president Hugo Chavez.... [ View ]

Peres: We trust US policy on Iran - Israeli President Shimon Peres says his nation trusts the US policy to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.... [ View ]

Afghan troop deaths reaches 3 000 - Almost 3 000 Afghan police and soldiers have been killed in the last 12 months, nearly the same as the number of Nato deaths in Afghanistan in the last 11 years of war.... [ View ]

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