Why Are We Going to War , Obama Demands Gaddafi Halt Attacks and other World news

The world news of 2011-03-19 on Tamugaia - Why Are We Going to War with Libya?, and Obama Demands Gaddafi Halt Attacks.
Why Are We Going to War with Libya? - Massimo Calabresi, Time... [ View ]

Obama Demands Gaddafi Halt Attacks - Dagher & Coker, Wall St. Journal(CNN) -- Deadly conflict is raging in Libya, witnesses say, despite the government announcement of an "immediate" cease-fire after a U.N. Security Council res... [ View ]

In Secret Briefing, Libya War Plan Revealed - ... [ View ]

Conversations With Libyan Expats - Eliza Gray, The New Republic“We are not talking about a civil war between factions, we are talking about a massacre. When the history is written, it will say that we stood by and watched a massa... [ View ]

Why We Should Not Go to War With Libya - ... [ View ]

Japan dead, missing toll tops 18,000 - 5:09 PM... [ View ]

From rooftops, snipers kill 46 Yemenis - 5:08 PM... [ View ]

Former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide arrives in Haiti - Former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide returned home on Friday from a seven-year exile to the warm embrace of jubilant supporters despite criticism from the U.S. and domestic opponents who said his presen... [ View ]

Libya: Col Gaddafi told to leave now or face the bombers - Col Muammar Gaddafi was on Friday night warned that he must surrender large swathes of Libya or face military action from Britain, France and other Western countries this weekend.... [ View ]

Tea Party legislation reveals anxiety at US direction under Barack Obama - The rise of the Tea Party has seen an increase in extreme legislation across the US, ranging in from a bill in Montana saying global warming is good for the state to a suggestion in Missouri to end restric... [ View ]

Brit Experts Examine Japanese Nuclear Crisis - As authorities in Japan try to work out the best way to tackle the nuclear emergency, Sky News invited British nuclear experts to analyse the crisis.... [ View ]

Prince William Arrives In Flood-Hit Oz - Prince William has arrived in Australia at the start of a three-day tour of flood-damaged Queensland and Victoria.... [ View ]

UK Soldier Dies After Bomb Blast In Helmand - A British soldier has died from his wounds after a bomb exploded in Afghanistan, the Ministry of Defence has said.... [ View ]

Japan lays power cable in race to stop radiation - ... [ View ]

Power back at stricken nuke plant - ... [ View ]

Berlusconi will not attend trial due to Libya: lawyers - ... [ View ]

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