What Beer Sales Tell Us , Sunak to unveil £2bn home insulation scheme and other Economy news

The economy news of 2020-07-08 on Tamugaia - What Beer Sales Tell Us About The Recession, and Sunak to unveil £2bn home insulation scheme.
What Beer Sales Tell Us About The Recession - Cheap beer sales are surging but are still losing ground to craft beer. Yet craft breweries are still suffering. What is going on?... [ View ]

Sunak to unveil £2bn home insulation scheme - The chancellor will announce some households could get grants up to £10,000 for energy-saving projects.... [ View ]

Bars Struggle After Being Forced To Close Again During Pandemic - After allowing bars to reopen, some states and counties are forcing them to close after COVID-19 cases surge. Bar owners are struggling to balance safety and health risks with economic realities.... [ View ]

Surge In Coronavirus Cases Could Short-Circuit Economic Recovery - Restaurants, retail shops, and other service industries are starting to bounce back from the deep recession. But those gains could be jeopardized by a rise in new coronavirus infections.... [ View ]

Opinion: Companies Have A Duty To Defend Democracy - A survey of 50 former U.S. ambassadors shows they believe democracy and elections are the top issues that companies need to prepare to publicly address.... [ View ]

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