Watch our Modern Warfare, Retronauts Live Episode 36: Lost Sega Franchises and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2012-01-21 on Tamugaia - Watch our Modern Warfare 3 DLC Livestream Tuesday, and Retronauts Live Episode 36: Lost Sega Franchises.
Watch our Modern Warfare 3 DLC Livestream Tuesday - We test our Call of Duty talent with the two new content drops for CoD Elite Premium members.... [ View ]

Retronauts Live Episode 36: Lost Sega Franchises - We explore the world of Sega legacies that could have been.... [ View ]

With SOPA and PIPA Reeling, the ESA Looks Forward - Both of the controversial bills have been shelved for the time being.... [ View ]

Diablo III Changes Mean More Waiting, But the Delay Should Pay off - Attributes have been reworked, selling on the go is gone, and the Town Portal is back.... [ View ]

Alan Wake to Hit Steam in February - ... [ View ]

Star Wars: The Old Republic Cost Almost $200 Million - ... [ View ]

Report: PlayStation Vita Components Cost $160 - ... [ View ]

News: Live Long and Prosper! Play Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Special Editions (all) - Deep Silver, doublesix digital and CBS Consumer Products today revealed the Star Trek: The Original Series - Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Special Edition for PlayStation®3 and Xbox LIVE® Arcade for the X... [ View ]

Center Stage Miniatures Previews Glacial Wyrm - Center Stage Miniatures is now accepting pre-orders for their Glacial Wyrm: From their announcement: CSM-007, Glacial Wyrm, sculpted by Jason Wiebe, is now available for pre-order at www.centerstageminis.c... [ View ]

Warlord Games Post New Releases - Warlord Games shows new releases for the Bolt Action and Hail Caeser lines: From their website: This plastic boxed set has been revamped and repackaged from the Immortal Miniatures range we purchased recen... [ View ]

Micro Art Studios previews new greens for Wolsung - Micro Art Studios posts up some new greens for Wolsung, their Steampunk miniature game. From their preview: Zachary Fiercebatten III is a grandson of well-known and decorated war veteran Sir Zachary Fierce... [ View ]

INDUS miniatures new releases - INDUS Miniatures releases new miniatures, including a cannon, its crew and a bodyguard. From their announcement: Indus miniatures has just released two Indian cannons with crew. These can used from the 170... [ View ]

Infinity Spring Challenge Tournament March 24-25th - Infinity Spring Challenge is the first UK Infinity tournament of 2012. From their announcement: The first UK Infinity tournament of 2012 is now confirmed with seven rounds of tournament games, an evening o... [ View ]

Coin Flick Review - Midlife Gamer - currierox says: "On the surface, Coin Flick is a harmless little game which presents you with the simple task of flicking your coin into buckets that are in front of you, much like you would do at the fair... [ View ]

TLR Podcast #8 Why 2011 Was Frustrating for Gaming - TLR Writes "AAA titles releasing back to back, was it really a good thing? Vex and KJ weigh in on the problem that is growing larger each year. Is Over-saturation killing the gaming market?"... [ View ]

Grand Slam Tennis 2 producer video reveals Career mode and EA Sports Game Face technology - In the latest producer video for Grand Slam Tennis 2, Nate McDonald, the producer of the game discusses the Ten Year Career Mode, Online Mode, customisation and the new EA Sports Game Face technology which... [ View ]

Luigi Has Been Found: Luigi Added To Mario Party 9 Box Art - Last week here at Bacon After Dark we wrote about that a major character was missing from the cover of Mario Party 9. That major character was Luigi.... [ View ]

Final Fantasy Type-0 For The PS Vita - Rumors from Square Enix related sources are saying that a new Final Fantasy will be coming to the PlayStation Vita. The working title is Final Fantasy Type-0 and it will be released to North America and E... [ View ]

Naughty Dog Reportedly Crafting Next Gen Game With ’1,000,000 Polygon Character Models’ - A recent job listing at Naughty Dog has revealed that they are crafting a next gen game with 1,000,000 polygon characters. If this is anything to go by, PS4 games are going to look fantastic.... [ View ]

Now That SOPA Is Dead, The ESA Stopped Supporting It - Good timing!... [ View ]

Defender’s Quest Screens - 10 new shots posted.       Get the full article at GameSpot “Defender’s Quest Screens” was posted on Fri, 20 Jan 2012 16:24:01 -0800 GameSpot’s News, Screen... [ View ]

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