Watch Sarah Sanders defe, Trump now says he holds Putin responsible for meddling and other World news

The world news of 2018-07-19 on Tamugaia - Watch Sarah Sanders defend what Trump said, and Trump now says he holds Putin responsible for meddling.
Watch Sarah Sanders defend what Trump said - ... [ View ]

Trump now says he holds Putin responsible for meddling - ... [ View ]

Rescued boys explain how they survived in cave for 2 weeks - The 12 young soccer players and their coach rescued from a Thai cave never gave up hope of being found alive and passed the time digging into a rocky wall.... [ View ]

Boys say they dug holes in cave to try to save themselves - The boys were rescued from a flooded cave over three days last week.... [ View ]

US pastor denied release in latest trial hearing in Turkey - A court in western Turkey has again denied a request for the release from custody of an American pastor who is on trial on charges of aiding terror groups and engaging espionage... [ View ]

The Latest: EU border guards may be deployed in Macedonia - The European Union and Macedonia have agreed to allow EU border guards to be deployed in Macedonia if the country, which borders Greece, faces "sudden migratory challenges."... [ View ]

Skripal Novichok suspects 'identified as several Russians' as police pick them out on CCTV - ... [ View ]

Australian PM urges Pope to sack archbishop convicted of concealing child sex abuse - ... [ View ]

Pictures of the Day: 19 July 2018 - ... [ View ]

We can treat Aids with medicine – but only love will beat its insidious stigma - ... [ View ]

UK set to be overtaken by Australia in attracting international students - ... [ View ]

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