Watch: The Conversation, Connie Culp, Face Transplant Recipient, Meets Donor Family and other World news

The world news of 2010-12-21 on Tamugaia - Watch: The Conversation: Game Show Guy, and Connie Culp, Face Transplant Recipient, Meets Donor Family.
Watch: The Conversation: Game Show Guy - ... [ View ]

Connie Culp, Face Transplant Recipient, Meets Donor Family - ... [ View ]

'Secession Gala': Glorifying Slavery? - ... [ View ]

Bomb Plot Disrupted in England, Say Police - ... [ View ]

Snow Leaves Americans Stranded in Europe - ... [ View ]

Friends Describe U.S. Tourist Murdered in Israel as Deeply Spiritual - ... [ View ]

Amanda Knox 'Beams' Over DNA Testing - ... [ View ]

North Korean Threats Prove Empty After Drill - ... [ View ]

Students injured as driver explodes his car - 11:00 AM... [ View ]

UN renews Ivory Coast force mandate - 10:40 AM... [ View ]

Park visitors met with bodies of entombed deer - 10:00 AM... [ View ]

Western US sloshes through epic rain, snow - 9:23 AM... [ View ]

Europe struggles to dig airports out of snow and ice - ... [ View ]

Iran says it executed 11 with ties to terrorist group - ... [ View ]

Somali Islamic party joins more hard-line group - ... [ View ]

Kidnapped Mexican politician freed, agency reports - ... [ View ]

Russian Press - Behind the Headlines, December 20 - Nationalist rallies sweep Russia Whistleblower tests government’s ‘hands on’ approach Protests as state property returned to the Church... [ View ]

Deeper Than Oil: Satanic Cucumbers Near Moscow - As you leave Moscow’s southern outskirts, Satanic Mills rise up in front of your very eyes, and the cries of lost souls fill the air.... [ View ]

Russian Press at a Glance, Monday, December 20, 2010 - A brief look at what is in the Russian papers today... [ View ]

Investigator: Billions in aid wasted in Afghanistan - Waste and fraud in U.S. efforts to rebuild Afghanistan while fighting al Qaeda and the Taliban may have cost taxpayers billions of dollars, a special investigator said Monday.... [ View ]

12 arrested over suspected U.K. terror plot - In the biggest anti-terrorist sweep in Britain in nearly two years, police on Monday arrested a dozen men accused of plotting a large-scale terror attack on targets inside the United Kingdom.... [ View ]

Iraqi prime minister announces new Cabinet - Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki submitted his new Cabinet on Monday, clearing a hurdle to seating a government more than nine months after national elections even though serious disputes with one of h... [ View ]

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