Viking sunstones may hav, Man revived after being dead for 18 hours and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2018-04-09 on Tamugaia - Viking sunstones may have actually worked, and Man revived after being dead for 18 hours.
Viking sunstones may have actually worked - A mysterious form of navigation referenced in early Viking literature may have genuinely existed. The Vikings were undeniably skilled seafarers, havin...... [ View ]

Man revived after being dead for 18 hours - The 53-year-old was resuscitated despite lying lifeless outside with no heartbeat for the better part of a day. The man, whose name has not been discl...... [ View ]

New York City is Overdue For a Major Disastrous Earthquake - What do you get when you cross New York City with a major earthquake? If you said “Big Applesauce,” you qualify for your Junior Joke Writer Badge and you’ve also joined the many leading seismologists... [ View ]

UFOs: The Paranormal Controversy & Connection - Rich Reynolds has a new post at his UFO Conjectures blog titled “Ufologists vs Paranormalists.” Rich begins as follows: “I’ve written about the drive of some in the UFO community to ins... [ View ]

The Color of Antimatter and the Origin of the Physical Universe - Antimatter might be a mainstay of many science fiction tales, but real-world scientists are finally getting close to actually catching a glimpse of this mysterious building block of the universe. Antimatte... [ View ]

19.13 – MU Podcast - The mystery of the “art” of resurrection is examined this week with the work of Freddy Silva and his stellar research into Initiation, Secret Chambers and the Quest for the Otherworld. We then... [ View ]

Elon Musk Warns of Takeover by Immortal A.I. Dictator - Move over, Stephen King. There’s a new horror writer in town and his name is … Elon Musk? In a new documentary, the founder/CEO/financial backer of SpaceX, Tesla, Neuralink, PayPal and more warned that... [ View ]

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