Video of UFO over Brazil, Man/Girlfriend Report Unknown Object over Missouri and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2013-07-19 on Tamugaia - Video of UFO over Brazil Protest, and Man/Girlfriend Report Unknown Object over Missouri.
Video of UFO over Brazil Protest - There have not a lot of good UFO videos lately, at least until one from Brazil hit the Internet. When the government of Brazil decided to host the 2014 World ...... [ View ]

Man/Girlfriend Report Unknown Object over Missouri - ... [ View ]

Witness Almost Shoots UFO over North Carolina - ... [ View ]

Cigar-shaped UFO on Video over Appleton, Wisconsin - ... [ View ]

An Urgent Warning - ... [ View ]

House Of Ghost - When we moved into our new house in 2007. It was the second night in the house. My daughter was seven years old at the time and she woke up screaming. She never did that before and I went to check and see... [ View ]

The Squalling Child Ghost - One day I was laying on my couch for some much needed rest, when my daughter was visiting my mom in PA and my husband was at work. I thought I would lay down and take a nap. It was around lunch time I fell... [ View ]

Could My Child Be Seeing Something - ... [ View ]

Entering The Age of Skynet - Entering The Age of SkynetDavid covers the recent crash of a drone very close to a populated area in Florida, The continued violation of civil rights in america and the recent stateme…The post Enteri... [ View ]

MSM Pushes Al-Qaeda Carjacking Via Remote Control - MSM Pushes Al-Qaeda Carjacking Via Remote ControlDavid Knight is joined by fellow Infowars Nightly News reporter Jakari Jackson to discuss the new "McDonald's Budget" for those living on limite... [ View ]

Constitutional Deputy Sherriff Speaks Out - Constitutional Deputy Sherriff Speaks OutDavid talks with Sheriff Stan Lenic who has become an icon for defending the constitutional rights of activists who were passing out flyers at a New York air…... [ View ]

Jurors Role in Protecting Our Rights with Kirsten Tynan - Jurors Role in Protecting Our Rights with Kirsten TynanDavid Knight is joined vi Skype by Kirsten Tinnen of the Fully Informed Jury Association to discuss the Constitution, it's defense and our rights... [ View ]

The Economist Screws Up on the Draft IPCC AR5 Report and Climate Sensitivity - Earlier today, The Economist published a piece of irresponsible journalism regarding information in the draft Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fifth Assessment Report (IPCC AR5).  The Economi... [ View ]

Edgar Mitchell calls for end to UFO cover-ups - Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell is no stranger to the world of UFOs and government conspiracies. One of only 12 men to walk on the Moon, Mitchell has ...... [ View ]

Woman struck by lightning inside supermarket - A woman in Louisiana had been queuing with groceries when she was hit by a bolt from the blue. Lakeisha Brooks had been at the checkout in Rouses when...... [ View ]

Museum in China found to be full of fakes - A prominent museum in Jizhou has been forced to close after most of its relics turned out to be fake. Featuring an allegedly unique collection of 40,0...... [ View ]

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