Video: SSX: Uber Mondays, Screenshots: I Am Alive (Xbox 360) and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2012-01-31 on Tamugaia - Video: SSX: Uber Mondays - Kaori Nishidake Trailer, and Screenshots: I Am Alive (Xbox 360).
Video: SSX: Uber Mondays - Kaori Nishidake Trailer - ... [ View ]

Screenshots: I Am Alive (Xbox 360) - ... [ View ]

Video: Resident Evil 6: Developer Intro Full Trailer - ... [ View ]

News: PSN offline Thursday afternoon until Friday morning - ... [ View ]

Pahelika - Revelations - ... [ View ]

Big City Adventure: London Story - ... [ View ]

Article: The Jobification of Games - A bit of fun from my blog (Articles) - Hi all. A little shameless self promotion. Outside of my gaming life that you all know, I also write about serious stuff. Social media, technology, life and the like. One topic I keep coming back to is cal... [ View ]

News: Death Call - Another game I did some testing on! (iOS) - Death Call is shooter set in a steam punk version of the Wild West, where you play as a federal marshal trying to track down a dangerous outlaw. It features a story-driven single player campaign, two puzzl... [ View ]

News: A new world record! 999 Players in 1 FPS (PC) - We did it! Well, sort of. The new world record for the number of players in a single first player shooter is 999 players, a single player short of our goal. No matter, all of us at MuchDifferent are happy... [ View ]

Cube World Combat Video - ... [ View ]

ScrewAttack vs the Internet - Challenge #1 - ... [ View ]

Final Fantasy 13-2 Daddy Bear Map Locations and Quiz Guide - ... [ View ]

We find out why Elizabeth is so important in BioShock: Infinite - Anyone who has been keeping tabs on the development of BioShock: Infinite knows that story and plot is one area that certainly won’t be lacking. The significance of the female lead Elizabeth has also bec... [ View ]

RockYou® Studio Partners Publishes Facebook Game, Bingo by Ryzing - RockYou’s Third-Party Publishing Group Launches First Partner Game Redwood City, CA – January 30, 2012 Social Entertainment company RockYou® today announced their publishing partnership with casua... [ View ]

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