Verifying movement speed, how to draw a filled rectangle with trasparent color effect? and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2015-11-18 on Tamugaia - Verifying movement speed server side, and how to draw a filled rectangle with trasparent color effect?.
Verifying movement speed server side - ... [ View ]

how to draw a filled rectangle with trasparent color effect? - ... [ View ]

Void Pointers as variables? - ... [ View ]

Discombobulated input callbacks - ... [ View ]

Motor control redux - ... [ View ]

News: PS4 1TB Players Mega Pack includes Uncharted, God of War 3 & The Last of Us Remastered for £289 - ... [ View ]

News: Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episode One now free on Xbox One - ... [ View ]

Screenshots: 90 Minute Fever (PC) - ... [ View ]

Destiny’s November update has a ton of changes - Destiny’s latest big patch, since the September launch of the Taken King, will address a number of lingering issues that the fans have been vocal about. Changes like a tweaked Crucible Forged quest-line,... [ View ]

EA admits its acquisition history has been "spotty at best" - EA has a bit of a tarnished history when it comes to acquisitions. It’s bought up some of your favourite game developers, and then unceremoniously shut them down when it felt they were underperforming.... [ View ]

Valkyria Chronicles getting PS4 remaster and sequel… in Japan - Sure, remasters are evil cash grabs, but this one is welcome to my money, especially if it helps the sequel along.... [ View ]

Overwatch is going to open up for a “lot more players” this weekend - The current Overwatch beta isn’t exactly an open one, with admittance being stricter than entry into your local Freemason lodge . That’s going to change this weekend however, as Blizzard will be throwi... [ View ]

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