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The gaming news of 2012-02-15 on Tamugaia - Verge - Action Games, Play Free Verge Online Now, and Tribulation - Action Games, Play Free Tribulation Online Now.
Verge - Action Games, Play Free Verge Online Now - The Verge is amazing action game. Here player has to move and jump and reach destination. But be careful the whole way is full of obstacles so try to pass all difficulties with skill. If provided health is... [ View ]

Tribulation - Action Games, Play Free Tribulation Online Now - The main goal of Tribulation is to shoot zombies and save from infection. Player has to move and kill zombies as more as possible maintaining health. If health is lost, game ends. Player can upgrade weapon... [ View ]

Ninja Mushroom - Action Games, Play Free Ninja Mushroom Online Now - In this Ninja Mushroom, player has to just click right or left side on given blocks to move so Ninja mushroom can move and sit on golden stump. There are many challenging levels to play and solve with easy... [ View ]

Guard beauty - Action Games, Play Free Guard beauty Online Now - The main objective of Guard beauty game is to protect girl named Lady Mi form troops of enemy kingdoms. Player has to take perfect aim and shoot bombs from cannon but be careful, there comes many enemies t... [ View ]

Space Infinity - Action Games, Play Free Space Infinity Online Now - In this Space Infinity game, player has to move spaceship and fire on aliens. It provides three lives if all lives are lost, game ends. Now try to kill maximum aliens and get highest score. Have fun!!!... [ View ]

Spartan Games announces next wave for Dystopian Wars and Firestorm Armada - Spartan Games announces the next wave of models for Dystopian Wars and Firestorm Armada, including the Republic of France and cruisers for Firestorm. From their site: Spartan Games is excited to bring to y... [ View ]

Scibor Miniatures previews Young Warsaw Soldier - Scibor Miniatures previews their new work in progress, Warsaw Soldier. From their preview: New green - Young soldier from Warsaw Uprising 1944 - 1:35 scale... [ View ]

Vesper-on Games Previews an Upcoming Release - Vesper-on Games previews an upcoming release for their game, Carnevale: From their post: Here is a picture of our new model, Dog Keeper and Dogs. This is a new Character for the Guild. His options to launc... [ View ]

SeaDragon Miniatures Norsgard Unveiled - SeaDragon Miniatures previews the first of their miniature line for their game, Norsgard: From their post: The middle of winter is the perfect time to recount Norse sagas. It is also the perfect time for t... [ View ]

Street Fighter X Tekken adds Bison, Akuma, Jin, Ogre in new trailers alongside release date for PC version - ... [ View ]

Kingdom Hearts 3D video has 10 minutes of gameplay fun that jumps any language barrier - ... [ View ]

NECA shows off new Valve figures and replica Portal gun at Toy Fair, proving it hasn't run out of steam - ... [ View ]

Skullgirls wishes you a violent Valentine’s Day with Nurse Valentine trailer - ... [ View ]

Two million Skyrim mods downloaded within Creation Kit's first days online - ... [ View ]

Super Samurai Sweeper - In the strategy game Super Samurai Sweeper your goal is to wipe out the seven Daimyos and their shogun to restore peace in the country. Explore the battle fields and hunt down the Daimyos to fight them. Tr... [ View ]

Zombie Leo - In the point and click puzzle game Zombie Leo your goal is to help your friend Leo the zombie to reach the grave of each level. All levels are filled with dangerous obstacles that you need to dodge in orde... [ View ]

Death Click - In Death Click your goal is to kill all the stickmen. Try to cause a chain reaction with a single mouseclick and try to unlock all 12 endings.... [ View ]

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