Upcoming Release: The Or, The Old City Leviathan Review | Cheat-masters and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2015-01-24 on Tamugaia - Upcoming Release: The Order 1886, and The Old City Leviathan Review | Cheat-masters.
Upcoming Release: The Order 1886 - The Order 1886 vows to be a fun and innovative experience with a variety of weapons and gadgets available to the player, with technological features inspired by the industrial revolution been apparent in t... [ View ]

The Old City Leviathan Review | Cheat-masters - Avoiderdragon: Art house games are becoming more prominent these days for some reason. While theyre still pretty much niche, experimental titles are gaining more exposure since games like Limbo, Dear Esthe... [ View ]

Super Amiibo Wish List - "The third set is on the way. It got Ms. Throwback thinking. What other Amiibos could be made in the future? Play Legit has their full list of nominees."... [ View ]

The Escapists Preview | Attack On Gaming - "The Escapists is a Prison Break simulator from the developer Mouldy Toof Studios and is being released by the publisher Team 17. The Escapists, as the name implies, is a game about escaping prison. To do... [ View ]

PS4 Slim Incoming Soon? - PS4Home: "The PS2 got a slim edition, the PS3 had two slim editions, the idea that weve got a PS4 slim incoming so soon shouldnt come as a shock."... [ View ]

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