Unusual Happenings, The Grinning Man and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2011-08-18 on Tamugaia - Unusual Happenings, and The Grinning Man.
Unusual Happenings - ... [ View ]

The Grinning Man - ... [ View ]

Is This A Poltergeist? - ... [ View ]

Tiny Brown Boots - My story begins in an old house built around 1843. This home had over 17 rooms, a summer kitchen as well as a tunnel (filled in with large stones) that went under the house and to the barns out in the fiel... [ View ]

What The Hell Was That? - When I was about 9 or 10, I had a severe head cold and a pretty high fever, so my dad put me to bed early. That night at about midnight, I woke up and had to go to the bathroom, but being so tired and weak... [ View ]

Astrology : How to Spot a Cancer - To spot a Cancer, look for someone with a round face, light skin and a caring, motherly nature who also may exhibit moody behavior. WatchContinue Reading »... [ View ]

WATCH: Woman Saved By Fridge After House Explodes - A woman is lucky to be alive after her house blew up while she was in the kitchen. Janice Harms’ century-old home in Clara City,Continue Reading »... [ View ]

The witch trial that made legal history – BBC News - BBC News The witch trial that made legal historyBBC NewsThe neighbours pointed the finger straight back at Demdike, accusing her of witchcraft. "Nowell was extremelyContinue Reading »... [ View ]

Space hotel plans announced - Russia has revealed plans for an orbiting space hotel that is due to open as early as 2016. The hotel would offer 5-day stays for around 100,000 with...... [ View ]

Pacific eel discovery is "living fossil" - A living fossil has been discovered in the form of a Pacific eel with unusually primitive features. The new eel has been named "Protoanguilla palau" a...... [ View ]

Goats bred to produce spider silk - Scientists have succeeded in breeding goats capable of producing spider silk proteins in their milk. The research is designed to help avoid some of th...... [ View ]

UFOs And The Bermuda Triangle - ... [ View ]

Ghost Caught on Film After Oujia Board Session - ... [ View ]

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