Uncharted 3 facts and fi, The 3DS gets a firmware update too, adds “accomplishments” and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2011-12-07 on Tamugaia - Uncharted 3 facts and figures, and The 3DS gets a firmware update too, adds “accomplishments”.
Uncharted 3 facts and figures - ... [ View ]

The 3DS gets a firmware update too, adds “accomplishments” - ... [ View ]

The new Xbox 360 dashboard is rolling out right now - ... [ View ]

In Other News – 6 December 2011 - ... [ View ]

Serious Sam 3: BFE Review - MMGN.COM - MMGN.com writes: 2011 should have been the year of old school shooters - the laughably delayed Duke Nukem Forever was finally released, shooter veterans id Software released RAGE and the indie developer Ha... [ View ]

Could Kevin Butler Appear as Uncharted 3 DLC? - "Just yesterday I was talking about how Sony mentions random things in contests. Today we got a new Uncharted 3 contest known as Find the Ring. " - JPS... [ View ]

Warlord Games Releases Sd.Kfz 231 (8-rad) Armoured Car - Warlord Games releases a new Armoured Car: From their announcement: Mounted with a 20mm cannon and co-axial machine gun, this 8-wheel drive armoured car had increased off road mobility compared to it’s 6... [ View ]

Aryiki Rereleases Free Army Builder Supplement - Aryiki has re-released its custom army list builder supplement: From their announcement: LORÆL is a world teeming with races, culture, monsters and magic, more than we can, or would want to produce Damsel... [ View ]

Dust Studios Releases Dust Tactics Regular Edition - Dust Studios announce that they now have the whole Dust Tactics range available on their website, both in Premium Edition and now in regular monochrome edition as well: From their announcement: Released la... [ View ]

Aberrant Games Releases WARLANDS the Stranger and the dog Max - Aberrant are pleased to announce that WARLANDS the Stranger and the dog Max models are available from the webstore: From their announcement: Not much is known about the Stranger, but there are many stories... [ View ]

Warlord Games Releases Rorke’s Drift Battle-Set - Warlord Games announces its boxed set full to overflowing with great Anglo -Zulu War goodies is now available: From their announcement: Rorke’s Drift boxed set. You can order this set now for £150 GBP i... [ View ]

Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand hits PS3 today with explosive Wake Island trailer - ... [ View ]

Analyst: November video game sales to surpass $1.5B - ... [ View ]

Heavy Rain: Once played, never forgotten - ... [ View ]

Best third party video game 2011 - ... [ View ]

PS3 exclusive “The Last Of Us” over five years in development - ... [ View ]

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